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Event: DevCamp – April 9

There are 6 different tech/startup related events happening in Pune this Saturday (see PuneTech Calendar for details). One of them is DevCamp which is being held in Thoughtworks. (Tomorrow, we’ll write about Knowledge Camp, which is being held in I2IT. They are both very similar events, with the difference that DevCamp is more likely to be interesting to hard-core developers, while Knowledge Camp will be interesting to a more general audience.)

Saager Mhatre writes about DevCamp:

DevCamp is an un-conference by the hackers, for the hackers and of the hackers. It is a species of BarCamp where software (code) and the construction thereof (hacking) is the core theme. The camp is a derivative of Open Space Technology and Barcamp and these roots are clearly visible in its unstructured approach and in that we subscribe to the The Law of Two Feet.

The very first DevCamp was put together a little over three years ago, and we’ve had a lot of fun taking this event to Chennai and then bringing it here to Pune. We hope to keep this trend going and see more local DevCamps sprouting.

The first DevCamp Pune of the year is on Saturday, the 9th of April 2011. Registrations are free and open to all, just add your details to the wiki at http://devcamp.in/index.php/Pune/2011/1/Registrations. The event is primarily sponsored by ThoughtWorks and will be hosted at their office in Yerawada, Pune[http://bit.ly/fvzJxG]. Global online monetization solutions provider Playspan has also chipped in this year.

Sessions at DevCamp assume a high level of exposure and knowledge on the part of your audience. We avoid ‘Hello World’ and how-to sessions which can be trivially found on the web. First hand war stories, in-depth analysis of topics and live demos are encouraged. Most sessions tend to be about 40 minutes long, plus 10 minutes for questions. Really popular talks can continue in the conference rooms and open spaces around the venue. We also run a stream of Lightning Talks, brisk 15 minute sessions that could spark off interesting discussions into the open spaces. This year we are also planning on a few Workshops in the event where campers can build and showcase interesting code around specific themes.

Topics discussed at the camp cover a wide range of subjects within the sphere of hacking. Here’s a small sampling of talks from previous events.

You can check out some of the sessions proposed for the upcoming event on our Proposals page and feel free to add some of your own!

To get updates about this and future DevCamps in Pune subscribe to our forum (https://groups.google.com/group/devcamp-pune). You can also track the DevCamp series on Lanyrd.