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Geek Night – Usability Design with Abhijit Thosar

Update: Here is Aman King’s article on this event.

What:Geek Night – ThoughtWorks Pune is proud to host Abhijit Thosar – Usability Guru
Date/Time: Saturday, September 20, 2pm – 4pm
Venue: GF-01 & MZ-01, Tower C, Panchshil Tech Park, Yerwada, Pune Pune, Maharashtra 411006
Registration: This event is free for all, but please register here

About the Speaker – Abhijit Thosar

Abhijit has over 20 years experience in the design and development of products based on emerging technologies. He joined Human Factors International, India in 2000 and worked as a project director on over 50 usability projects for clients across domains. Abhijit now works for Capgemini Pune. His other interests include designing accessible systems and interfaces for members of the elderly and disabled population as well as designing research for products and services for upcoming markets. Abhijit is looking forward to an interactive session where he wants to share case studies from his experience.

About Geek Night:

As some of you may know, we at ThoughtWorks have been organizing something called a ‘Geek Night’ for some time now. A Geek Night is an informal gathering where we pick a hot technology topic and proceed to discuss it and learn from each others’ experience and perspectives. The meeting takes about two hours inclusive of eating/drinking (soft drinks only *wink*) and heckling the presenters. We generally plan it on Saturday evenings so that our peers from other organizations can join us too.

The topics for these Geek Nights may range from cutting-edge technologies like JRuby to proven open source tools like Hibernate or Spring. And sometimes we indulge in Code Jams where we get our laptops in the room and go about solving a problem and discuss our solutions till the food is over.

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