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Event Report of @GhoseB’s 2-Day Clojure workshop – by @SwaroopCH

Last weekend BG aka @ghoseb conducted a 2-day free Clojure workshop – which was “sold out” and many people had to be disappointed.

Swaroop C H (who is famous for many things, one of which is A Byte of Python a free online book that has helped many people learn Python), was apparently in town, and attended the two sessions.

He has written a detailed and insightful event report. Here is his report of day 1 and report of day 2.

BG has promised to conduct another workshop for the people who couldn’t be accommodated in the first one due to space constraints.

Free 2-Day Intensive Clojure Workshop – 24-25 Aug

the Pune Clojure User Group is organizing an intensive 2-day workshop on Clojure – on 24-25 August. The workshop is designed for programmers who have been using imperative programming languages so far and will give them a solid foundation in Functional Programming, Clojure & the Lisp-way.

The course is completely free of charge thanks to gracious hosts, BMC Software. Seats are limited, so hurry!

Course Content

  • Data Structures
  • Functional Programming
  • Sequences & Collections
  • JVM Interop
  • Concurrency
  • OO & Polymorphism
  • Macros
  • A lot more!


You don’t need any prior experience with Clojure, Lisp or Functional Programming but we do expect that all participants will have at least an intermediate level of experience with any programming language. We can’t teach you programming in two days but if you already know some programming we can definitely teach you a different (and extremely elegant) way of solving non-trivial problems.

You’ll have to bring your own laptop to the course. WiFi will be provided at the venue.

It’s also recommended that you setup your favourite editor for editing Clojure so that we can get started very quickly. Some resources are given in the resources section and others can be found online.

If you still have questions feel free to ask on the Pune Clojure mailing list.

About the Instructor – Baishampayan Ghose

Baishampayan “BG” Ghose has been a professional Lisp programmer for most of his career. He has been using Clojure since the early days and has contributed to Clojure and multiple libraries in the Clojure ecosystem. His areas of interest are functional programming, distributed systems & ethnobotany.

Currently he is Co-founder/CTO at Helpshift.

You can contact him on @ghoseb or b.ghose@freegeek.in

Fees and Registration

The event is on 24-25 August, from 9:30am to 5pm, at BMC Software, SB Road, Pune.

This event is free and open for anybody to attend. Seats are limited, so please register here fast.

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