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The Venture Center Library for Entrepreneurs and Innovators in Pune

Pune’s resource for startups, the Venture Center has yet another service that could be valuable for Pune’s startups. The Venture Center Library has been created specifically to support and enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem in and around Pune. They are targeting entrepreneurs, scientific researchers, technology innovators, IP & technology commercialization professionals and venture investors to take advantage of their collection of books, periodicals, reports and research services.

Click on the Venture Center Logo to see all PuneTech articles about Venture Center
Click on the Venture Center Logo to see all PuneTech articles about Venture Center

Here are key features of the Venture Center Library:

  • ~ 1000 books – with an emphasis on technology innovation, commercialization & entrepreneurship
  • Many *good* magazines (MIT Tech Review, SciAm, etc.)
  • Book collection listed online & searchable: http://www.vcenterlibrary.org/book.php
  • Increasing data base on electronic articles and e-books
  • Open Mon-Sat, ample parking
  • Internet access, scanning, etc. available
  • Events featuring books, videos, etc. http://www.vcenterlibrary.org/events.php

If you just want to browse/read books at the library itself, it is free until the end of 2009, and after that it will cost Rs. 400 per year. If you want to check out books, there’s a Rs. 2000 refundable deposit and a Rs. 400 yearly fee – which allows you to check out 2 books for up to 14 days each. Look here for details of membership and fees.

About Venture Center

Venture center is an incubator mainly targeted towards startups in biotech, chemical and material sciences. It has been set up using government funds, and is housed in NCL‘s premises, but is planned as an independent entity that needs to become self-sustaining in a few years (based on taking equity/fees from the startups it helps). Check out the venturecenter tag on PuneTech for all PuneTech articles about Venture Center.

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