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ReliScore Tech Talk: Introduction to HTML5 & CSS3 – 6 Aug

MCUG and ReliScore.com present “Introduction to and HTML5/CSS3” by Vikrant Labde, CTO of CueLogic Technologies, to be held at MIT, Pune, at 3:45pm, on Saturday, August 6th. This talk the first in a series of technical talks targeted towards 3rd and 4th year students of engineering and other computer science degrees that will be organized throughout the year by MCUG and ReliScore. To motivate students to attend, our partner, Pune’s GS Lab is sponsoring a few prizes – including passes for PyCon the Python Conference that is happening in Pune this year, and Crossword gift coupons. In addition, GS Lab is also sponsoring the video recording of this talk using their kPoint software so that it can be put online for the benefit of a wider audience. This talk is free for anybody to attend. Register here

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