TiE Pune Event: How Pune’s Businesses can Sieze Global Opportunities

TiE Pune presents a Panel Discussion with Ravi Pandit (CEO, KPIT), Pramod Chaudhari (Founder & Chairman, Praj), Pradeep Chordia (MD Chordia Foods Products Ltd), Partner, Ernst & Young (confirmation awaited). On Saturday, November 20, 2010, At Cerebrum B3, Kalyani Nagar (behind AdLabs)

A few years back it would have been impossible to imagine that auto parts for the world would be manufactured in our backyard, that the city would have the highest number of IT companies servicing the world or that Pune grown companies would buy international giants across the world. But that has happened.

As we get more and more connected, as our factories churn out more, the earth gasps, development zooms at a dizzying space, and as the economy throws up newer challenges, we need to pause and think. In what direction will the global demand move, what products, services will be in demand and what processes will we have to develop to cater to those newer needs. If the West makes outsourcing prohibitive, if our input costs eat away into our competitive pricing, if newer needs outpace our innovation and require our imagination to be more active, can Pune keep pace with such demands?

What are our strengths that we can leverage to seize new opportunities that the world throws up, what is it that Pune’s ecosystem lacks and how do we overcome it? What should your company do to be able to meet such global demands? Can Pune’s entrepreneurs grasp and hold the new world of the future?

Come and listen to Pune’s business icons, leaders and legends share their view of the world in the near future and how Pune can seize such opportunities in the following industries:

IT industry: Ravi Pandit, CEO KPIT Cummins
Clean Technologies: Pramod Chaudhary Chairman and founder, (Praj Industries)
Food and Agriculture: Pradeep Chordia, MD, Chordia Food Products
Economic Overview: Partner, Ernst & Young (confirmation awaited)
Kiran Deshpande, CEO, Airtight Networks will be the moderator.

This event is open to members and non members. TiE members pay Rs 100/- and non TiE members will have to pay Rs 200/- (payable on registration).As seats are limited, please confirm a seat for yourself by emailing namita.shibad@gmail.com

On: November 20, 2010
At: Cerebrum, B3, Kalyani Nagar (behind Adlabs)
Registration: 6.00 pm
Event starts at 6.30 pm