TiE Pune “My Story” Session with Kailash Katkar, CEO of Quickheal – 5 May

TiE Pune presents a “My Story” session with Kailash Katkar, CEO and Founder of Quickheal, one of Pune’s major success stories in software products on 5th May, 6pm, at MCCIA, ICC Towers, SB Road.

About the speaker – Kailash Katkar

Kailash Katkar is the founder and CEO of Quickheal Technologies, India’s leading provider of Internet Security tools and is a leader in Anti-Virus Technology in India. Starting his career as a radio repair technician, Sanjay created Quickheal, a highly successful software prduct company from our very own Pune that had 09-10 revenue in excess of Rs 100 Cr.

In addition to hearing the jingles of Quickheal on FM radio, we have read about Quickheal recently when Sequoia Capital, leading VC investd Rs60 cr in Quick Heal some six months ago. Quick Heal Technologies has established Quick Heal product family as industry benchmark for computer security.

Quick Heal, an award winning security product is installed in corporate, small business and consumers’ homes protecting their computers from viruses and other malicious threats. Serving millions of users worldwide, Quick Heal Technologies employs more than 350 people in eighteen branch offices and is headquartered at Pune, India.

Quick Heal Technologies has firmly established its position in India and also operates through a network of dealers and channel partners in more than 50 countries worldwide.

About TiE Pune My Story

“My Story – Inspiring Journey of an Entrepreneur” This program is created to celebrate entrepreneurship and bring stories from successful entrepreneurs in their own words. The invited speakers will share their entrepreneurial journeys and talk about lessons learned, mistakes they wish they avoided, and key decisions that helped make their venture successful.

Fees and Registration

The event is on 5th May, from 6pm to 8pm, on the 5th Floor, MCCIA, ICC Towers, SB Road. This event is free and open for anybody to attend. Please register here

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