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Top 5 web designs shortlisted for Pune Traffic Portal Contest – Please Vote

A few weeks back, we had reported on the Pune Traffic Police’s contest to design a Pune Traffic Portal. The first round of filtering is now done, and PTP has announced 5 designs short-listed for the final round. You can see the designs at:

To vote and/or comment on these designs, go to the facebook page for this contest. 20% of the marks have been reserved for the community voting, and the remaining 80% will be awarded by the judges.

The results will be declared on 3rd January. The best design gets a cash prize of Rs. 50000.

(By the way, if you read this before 5pm on Monday, 27 Dec, please note that Pune Traffic Police have called their “facebook friends” to University Circle at 5pm today to analyze and discuss the traffic problems of that area, and gather suggestions from the people. DCP Manoj Patil will be present. Check out the awesome Pune Traffic Police facebook page for more details.)

UPDATE: Please do not vote here! Go to the facebook page for this contest for voting. Voting on this page is ignored.

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9 thoughts on “Top 5 web designs shortlisted for Pune Traffic Portal Contest – Please Vote”

  1. comment deleted – see below for reasons

    1. Amit says:

      comment deleted – see below for reasons

      1. comment deleted – see below for reasons

        1. navin says:

          From the PuneTech editor:

          This post had attracted a couple of controversial comments. Normally, we simply delete comments that are in violation of the PuneTech Comments Policy, however in this case, 2 of the comments had already been published for many days and seen by a number of readers, so we felt that we couldn’t delete the comments without a word of explanation.

          The first comment on this article was:

          Name: Anant Rohankar
          Website: antu_r.byethost5.com
          Email: eehpd.amaravati@suppressed
          IP Address:


          The web site designed by Anant Rohankar regarding traffic police Pune is decent among all other web sites. Thereore I am casting my vote in favour of him.

          A few days later, this comment was posted:

          Name: Amit
          Email: suppressed

          OMG.. I must say you r a big LOSER… I/We can see that is YOU who is commenting about your OWN design…
          And over that you say ‘Thereore I am casting my vote in favour of him.’
          Thats just great.. get an L tattooed on your forehead

          Finally, today, this comment was posted:

          Name: Anant Rohankar (Real)
          Website: anantrohankar.com
          Email: anant.rohankar@suppressed
          IP Address:


          Hi Amit,

          OMG! Thx for the comment! actually m really surprised to see my name here in the comment let me make it clear its not me by the way.. today i was searching for result ( i dnt know result yet)

          some one i dnt know who used my name and added that comment..its really insulting,
          @punetech – can u plz delete that comment sir, i dnt want to get insulted ths way, plz.

          just let me know his email id, ill c wht i can do to ths guy.


          We would like to point out to all readers that there is absolutely no way for PuneTech to verify the identity of the commenters and hence, we would like all readers to be aware of the fact that commenters might not be who they claim to be.

          In this particular case, we feel that this is simply a case of the original commenter being confused about the purpose of the comments on PuneTech. It would appear that someone who wanted to vote for Anant Rohankar’s design mistakenly assumed that this was the place for voting and entered the name and url of the design s/he wanted to vote for in the name and url of the commenter field. This seems like a simple and logical explanation (although there are really no guarantees…)

  2. Vishwesh says:

    None of the sites are in Marathi ! Why ?

    1. navin says:

      Good question to ask PTP on their facebook page.

      (Actually, I would assume that none of the contestants submitted Marathi designs, but I don’t know that for sure…)

    1. navin says:

      Don’t vote here. Vote at the facebook page of PTP.

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