Two tech events for Mobile Developers this Saturday in Pune

Mobile apps are the next big thing. There is no question about that. So now is the time to learn Android or iPhone development, or if you already are an Android developer, then to meet other developers and exchange ideas.

First for Android developers – The folks behind the Pune Android Developers List have started a series of meetups of developers in Pune interested in Android, and this Saturday, 11th June, is the first meetup of this group. For now the agenda is to mainly figure out the interests of the members, and other such things. The meeting will be from 4pm onwards, at the Barista coffee shop on Law College Road. The people organizing this meeting are Aditya Laghate, and Shrenik Vikam.

The second event is organized by Tech Next, a group started by @Rohit Ghatol, with the idea of having tech talks on a monthly basis. The first in event in this series will have three speakers giving introductory talks on iPhone and Android development. This event is also on Saturday, 11th June, at 4pm. It will be at Synerzip office, 3rd Floor, Revolution Mall, next to CityPride Kothrud. For more details see the meetup page for this event.

Both these events are free for anybody to attend. You must register. For the Android Developers meet, register here and for the Tech Next intro to iPhone/Android meet, register here.