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PHPCamp – the biggest PHP conference in India – in Pune on 5th March

PHPCamp is back.

PHPCamp is the biggest PHP conference in India and happens in Pune every year. Why should you go?

  • If you’re a student interested in web development, you should go to find out what’s going on with the most popular web development language in the world.
  • If you’re a motivated student who would like to do some interesting projects, and are looking for a mentor/guide/advisor from Industry, PHPCamp would be a good place to find some
  • If you’re a web developer and would like to interact with other passionate web developers and find out what interesting things they’re working on, then the hallway conversations at PHPCamp should attract you
  • If you’re a non-technical founder of a startup and are looking for technical co-founders, this is the place to be.
  • If you’re looking for a development partner, or a small company to which you’d like to outsource web development work, then PHPCamp is the place to find the most interesting ones

What is PHPCamp?

It is a barcamp for those interested in PHP. A barcamp is essentially a conference but without a pre-determined schedule or invited speakers. Anyone can attend. And on the morning of the conference, there is a whiteboard put up with all the open slots (for speaking), and anybody who has an interesting topic can write down their name and the topic and sign up as a speaker.

See the PHPCamp FAQ for more details.

This event is free and open for anybody to attend. It’s on Saturday, 5th March, from 9:30am to 5pm, at SICSR, at model colony. Please register here.

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4 thoughts on “PHPCamp – the biggest PHP conference in India – in Pune on 5th March”

  1. Sushant says:


    I willing to attend the PHPCamp, Can any help me with details of gathering.

    Sushant Chaudhary

    1. Navin Kabra says:

      @Sushant, and all the others asking me questions about PHPCamp – Please click on the PHPCamp.org link in the article. It gives details of where the gathering is, what you need to do to register, gives all kinds of details, and answers a bunch of other frequently asked questions.

  2. Sushant says:

    Any one from Mumbai joining in

    Would like to have a company

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