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Reconnex is a provider of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) appliances that are designed for organizations that want to secure sensitive information, protect their brands and maintain compliance. Reconnex not only delivers protection against known data-loss threats, but also provides a solution that automatically learns of and defends against new threats as they evolve. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, CA with its R&D center in the heart of Pune City (Model Colony).


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Reconnex has a high-performance, high-accuracy, appliance-based data loss prevention system that enables an organization to protect all information assets on its network without requiring up-front knowledge of what needs to be protected, and regardless of how that information is stored, secured, or communicated. As a result, IT can protect against both known and emerging threats.

Reconnex provides comprehensive information protection solutions in three key areas:

  • Data-in-Motion – Deployed at the network perimeter, Reconnex can inspect incoming and outgoing traffic to accurately identify information security violations
  • Data-at-Rest – Deployed in the campus network, Reconnex can connect to and inspect the contents of laptops, desktops, servers, and information repositories to identify sensitive material, and arm data-in-motion and data-in-use systems to protect it accordingly
  • Data-in-Use – Deployed as an agent on the user desktop or laptop, Reconnex can provide information protection whether the user is on the network or off the network through virtually any I/O channel that presents an information security risk.

The Reconnex system is comprised of two components:

  • iGuard Appliance – Hardened, turnkey appliance solution for information monitoring and protection
  • inSight Console – Intuitive central management console for managing device configurations, reporting, incidents, policies, rules, and case management

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Reconnex is headed in India by Anand Kekre

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