Do you understand copyrights and patents? Take this quiz

On 19th September, the Pune Open Coffee Club will host a presentation on copyrights and patents. The focus will be on clearing up common misconceptions POCC members have about copyrights and patents.

Do you have any misconceptions? Our survey so far indicates that most people have some really major blind spots. Try the quiz below – the answers will be discussed during the meeting tomorrow and will be published on PuneTech next week.

If you don’t see a form above, then click here to view the form in a browser window.

Please fill out the form – your answers will help us get a better understanding which parts people are most unsure about, so we can tailor the presentations accordingly. The correct answers will be discussed during the presentation on Saturday, and then published on

12 thoughts on “Do you understand copyrights and patents? Take this quiz

  1. Is this the quiz for underworld? Or is this forum run by the members of underworld?

    First Bollywood, then advertisers, now even technical forums are unashamedly using (and glorifying) the language used by underworld. Its blasphemous.

    Believe me, its not fun anymore. Is there no decorum left in this country?

    I strongly object and protest to the words like ‘Khoka’. (for your info: Peti and Khoka are underworld terms and not Gujarati terms. – I’m not quitting the quiz.

    And I’m discontinuing my membership of this forum in utter disgust. I’m ashamed of the language used.

  2. mr kulkarni

    i am glad you have left the forum – instead of commenting on the content and the work that navin is putting in – you would rather delve on khokha and peti —– – these words are a part of Indian popular culture.

  3. Sanjay, instead of appreciating Navin’s work on bringing about more knowledge around the community in important areas such as these, you are picking up silly things…

    Dont make a mockery of yourself by putting across such comments…

  4. I am surprised to see such a comment, i have started gaining interest in this only because of the way @navin put up these things.

    Its a totally boring topic otherwise and would have made no sense… totally appreciate the author’s intent and efforts to formulate such a superb form!

  5. I really appreciate the speakers intent of publishing the Quiz….it really made me understand the importance of these topics….

    The language used was really simple.
    Great Work!!

  6. Who is Unmesh and why do you keep selling his work for cardboard boxes? Do post the answers to the quiz, but my general take on anything related to patents, copyrights and trademarks is being paranoic helps.

  7. Unfortunately I missed this event. Where can I find answers to these questions ? I really need them for my personal use.

    Thank you.

    1. Harshal and others,
      Sorry, I got unexpected busy at work this week, hence the answers will have to wait a few days more.

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