Free Web Development Training for Freshers from Ozran Academy Pune

(This information is mostly taken from the website of Ozran Academy. Although we at PuneTech don’t really know anybody at Ozran personally, but the courses look interesting enough, and it appears that they could be useful to many freshers, and best of all it’s free. We’re publishing this information in the hope that students find it useful.)

Orzan Academy Logo
Ozran Academy is a web development company that is offering five courses to freshers in IT/Arts/Maths for free. Click on the logo to see their website.

Ozran is a small Dutch company that has a development center in Pune. They are providing five free courses targeted towards freshers in IT, Arts or Maths, with the intention of developing skills that industry is interested in and identifying talented individuals. Each course consists of 6 evening classes (2-1/2 hours each) and one exam on a Saturday afternoon. The whole thing is free, and a certificate is given to each participant who attends all classes, and passes the exam. Talented participants who demonstrate the ability to quickly learn and apply the concepts taught in the Ozran Academy courses may be offered a paid traineeship or job.

The five courses being offered this year are:

  • For HTML coders – Advanced HTML/CSS techniques and concepts, includes a primer in HTML5
  • For Programmers – Adobe ColdFusion for rapid construction of dynamic web applications
  • For Artists and Graphic Designers – Web Design European style
  • For Number Crunchers and Marketing Geniuses – Optimizing website conversion with marketing and analytics
  • For Artistic Programmers and Programming Designers – Replacing Flash with the jQuery JavaScript library

There are different cut-off dates for applications, and for the start of the actual course, and unfortunately, we believe one of the courses is already over. But check the Ozran Academy Page for full details of the courses.

6 thoughts on “Free Web Development Training for Freshers from Ozran Academy Pune

  1. the concept is nice..
    actually I am interested in the program but may I am working as an internship in some software company.can I attend this classes without leaving the company.
    may I get detail schedule of this program?

    1. @Mahesh, the browser is your friend. Click on some of the links given in the article to get more information that you might be interested in. Especially useful would be to the sentence which says: “But check the Ozran Academy Page for full details of the courses”

  2. Hello friend
    i am sandip i have completed BCA but what next ?
    i dont intrest in MCA or programming please tell me guidence some
    your life success which greate coures in it field
    and good job in good company
    have a web developer coures is best
    tell me my cell -9850022063

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