International Python Conference coming to Pune – Speakers Needed

The third edition of PyCon India, an international conference for all those interested in the Python programming language, is coming to Pune on 16th-18th September 2011. The organizers are looking for speakers for presentations, and trainers for the tutorial tracks of this conference.

If you’ve used python in an interesting domain, if you’ve developed an interesting module, if you’ve used an interesting combination of packages, if you’ve interfaced python to some software package / web service and learned something new, you should submit a proposal.

To get ideas for proposals, you can check out the talks accepted in 2010 and in 2009

Actually, you can also look at the submissions so far for this conference to get ideas.

Tutorials are intended to help python beginners pick up new skills. So if you’ve been using python for a few years, and think there is some particular aspect of python that beginners should pick up, please consider offering a tutorial.

Maybe you can teach how to do scientific computing with python. Or you’re able to teach people how to use NumPy for numerical computing. Or you have some expertise in data analysis. Or use of Pyramid. Or website screen scraping. Or doing search engines using python. Whatever it is, please offer a tutorial. The world needs more python programmers, don’t you think?

Please submit your talk and tutorial proposals here.

And if you know somebody else who works in python, or a company that works in the area of python, please let them know. (And if you would like to sponsor the conference, definitely get in touch.)

Talk Format

The typical length of a talk should be no more than 45 minutes. The presentation style should be concise, to the point with sufficient examples to clarify the discussion to the audience, if needed. After every talk there will be time reserved for questions from the audience (10 minutes). We will be providing a buffer of 5-10 minutes between talks so that the presenters get sufficient time to set-up their talk and attendees can move between the halls.

Tutorial Format

The typical length of the tutorial should be no more than 3 hours. All the classes run in PyCon India are volunteered. If you like to propose a tutorial, The submission of the tutorials also follow the same time lines as the talks.

Important Dates

Proposal submission deadline: July 10, 2011
Proposal acceptance: July 18, 2011
First presentation upload: Aug 15, 2011
Final presentation upload (with changes if any): Aug 31, 2011


Once again. Please submit your talk and tutorial proposals here.

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