Mini DebConf – conference for developers interested in Debian GNU/Linux OS – 7/8 Aug

(This weekend, Pune will play host to Mini DebConf, a two-day conference targeting students and developers interested in developing for the Debian GNU/Linux Operating system. Debian is one of the most popular distributions of the Linux operating system and free software packages, and is also the base upon with the Ubuntu Linux distributions are based. Debian is known for relatively strict adherence to the Unix and free software philosophies as well as for using collaborative software development and testing processes.

This article about Mini DebConf is written by Amit Karpe for his blog, and is reproduced here with permission (with a few minor modifications))

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MiniDebConf India 2010 will be held in College of Engineering Pune on August 7th and 8th, 2010!

Mini DebConf India 2010 is organized by DebianIndia in association with Uncode(Lokayat Free Software Initiative), CoFSUG(COEP Free Software user Group), FSUGP(Free Software User Group of PICT) and PLUG(Pune Linux User Group).

This is great opportunity where we can meet contributors who actually contribute to the Debian Project. You will also get knowledge about Debian and Ubuntu (which is derived from Debain). You will find a great community where students are really leading activities. You will find next generation leaders, innovators, coders, hackers discussing ideas & exciting them.

In one of the first sessions, Praveen will introduce the audience to the concept of Debian as a Universal Operating System. Later, Kartik & team will conduct a workshop where you will get hands on Debian Developer toolbox. And I think the most important workshop will be Debian Packaging by Kartik & team where you can learn how to create .deb packages, which commands to use, which processes to follow. So you can create your own packages, or you can make changes in existing packages. This workshop is highly recommended for those who want to start contributing to Debian or Ubuntu Projects.

On Sunday we have a talk on Debian Edu by Vikram Vincent in which he is going to share his experience of helping children learn with Debian Edu. There will be open discussion on Collaboration between Debian, Ubuntu and BOSS. For those who don’t know what is BOSS – BOSS is Bharat Operating System Solutions a Linux distribution developed in India by NRCFOSS (National Resource Centre for Free/Open Source Software). Also there will be an open discussion on Debian Community Activities and future plans. I hope that students will come forward to ask questions as well as to seek help in organizing college level meetings & activities.

After that there will be a more hands on session building on top of the workshops on Saturday. There will be a Bug Squashing Party and Packaging Sessions.

Overall the sessions/workshop look awesome. No one can afford to miss this event. Specially those who are interested in a career in Free & Open Source Technologies, systems or networking administration.

This is a free event. Anybody can attend. Registration is open now! For schedule, see the event wiki.

Venue: College of Engineering Pune, Besides Sancheti Hospital, Shivajinagar, Pune.

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