Pune Rails Drinkup: Ruby-on-Rails tech talks over (free) drinks

The Pune Rails Meetup Group invites all enthusiasts of Ruby-on-Rails for their second “Drink Up” event. Gautam Rege writes:

This time we have a technical drink-up. We shall have 1 or 2 technical sessions followed by networking.

Thanks to IntelleCap for sponsoring this meetup entirely!

Venue: Boat Club

Agenda: We have 2 technical talks of 45 minutes each.

6pm – 6.45pm: “Rhodes in a Nutshell” by Akshat Paul & Abhishek Nalwaya
7pm – 7.45pm: Talk from IntelleCap (TBD)
7.45pm – 8pm: A short talk from our sponsor – IntelleCap

8pm – onwards: networking! 😉

This event is free and open to all but, there is reserved seating to meet at most 30 people. Please RSVP in advance to avoid organizing constraints. You must register here

2 thoughts on “Pune Rails Drinkup: Ruby-on-Rails tech talks over (free) drinks

    1. @Pallavi, This event is already over (it was on 28th Jan). For future meetups I’ll indicate whether students are allowed to join or not. (Assume yes, unless specified otherwise)

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