Seminar on technology and operations management in Telecommunications – 19 Dec

What: (Paid) Seminar giving an overview of technology and operations in a telecommunications business, by Prof. Suresh Borkar, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago.
When: Saturday 19th December, 9am-12pm (technology) and 2pm-5pm (operations)
Where: Deccan Rendezvous, Apte Road
Registration and Fees: Rs. 500 per track, payable at location. Lunch 12-2pm included. To sign up, contact Nusrat at, +91 20 4131 1142, +91 20 4131 1100, +91 982 237 8516


Technology Track: 9am-12noon

  • Covers Telecom Services, Architecture, and Evolution
  • Structured around the latest standards and advances
  • Provides the framework for developing competitive strategies and making informed decisions
  • Case studies and option analyses

Lunch: 12noon-2pm

Operations Track: 2pm-5pm

  • Covers Telecom Service Life Cycle: market development to operations and maintenance
  • Market and Process expertise for business success
  • Case studies and option analyses
  • Coverage of transformational technology and process leadership

Who should attend

Executives and senior managers; senior faculty members and department heads with a focus on market and technology and research leadership. A typical participant is responsible for:

  • Delivering in the face of changing market dynamics, evolving technologies, and
    challenging competitive environment
  • Making strategic decisions and setting future direction
  • Developing own team through in-depth expert-level training

About the speaker – Dr. Suresh Borkar

Suresh is an acknowledged expert in telecommunication topics backed by 30+ years of industry experience. He has performed leadership roles in product management, R&D, and customer management in wire-line switching, telecom data management, wireless and computer networks. Suresh is active at conferences and panel discussions on WiMAX and VoIP/Next Generation Networks (NGNs). His background:

  • Currently a faculty member in Electrical/Computer Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Chicago, USA.
  • CTO and MD, Tata-Lucent Telecom Joint Venture and Lucent India, Inc.
  • Director for Customer Management for 3G Wireless systems at Alcatel-Lucent, US, and various other roles.
  • Suresh is a B Tech (IIT Delhi) and MS, PhD (IIT, Chicago) in Electrical Engineering.

(Note: This is a paid training program. Disclaimer: PuneTech does not accept any remuneration, monetary or otherwise, for publishing content. Postings of a commercial nature (e.g. paid training program) are posted solely on the basis of whether or not they fit in with the charter of PuneTech, the fees involved, and whether our readers would find those interesting. Please let us know your views on this issue. We’re posting this one because the fees are nominal, the speaker has solid credentials, it involves knowledge that wouldn’t be easily available elsewhere, and we believe it would be of  interest to a number of PuneTech readers.)

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