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Event: Impact of AI/ML on IoT

Fireside chat with CEO of Espressif, a fabless semiconductor company with presence in Shanghai, Pune, and Europe, which develops cutting-edge WiFi-and-Bluetooth enabled low-power IoT solutions, including the popular ESP8266 and ESP32 connected SoCs that are used by makers, startups and enterprises for building IoT/smart things. With over 100 million IoT chipsets sold and thousands of registered companies as customers, Espressif is at the cutting-edge of IoT product innovation and deployment.

This will be a conversation about Espressif’s journey to the platform it is today, challenges for a hardware startup, the current state of IoT, and how he sees artificial intelligence and machine learning driving IoT further. It should be a great opportunity for IoT enthusiasts, startups as well as hardware entrepreneurs.

Join us for a conversation with Espressif’s CEO & founder, Swee-Ann Teo from 6pm to 9pm, on Wednesday, 19th Dec. At Kirloskar Auditorium, Bhau Institute, COEP campus, Next to Boat Club

This event is open to free, and open to all. No registration required.

Lecture series on Knowledge Representation

What: Overview of Knowledge Representation (this is first in a series), by Prof. V.N. Jha

When: Thursday, 4th Sept, 6:30pm

Where: India International Multiversity, Sakal Nagar, Baner Road,

Registration and Fees: This event is free for everyone. There is no need to register.


This is a lecture series organized by Dr. Jha in “Knowledge Representation” using the Nyaya and Navya Nyaya techniques. Navya-Ny?ya developed a sophisticated language and conceptual scheme that allowed it to raise, analyse, and solve problems in logic and epistemology. The lecture series will be an introductory course which will cover the basics and also look at the design principles of Sanskrit, inference schemas used in Nyaya etc.

The idea here is to get a fresh perspective on Knowledge Representation and looking at how these techniques could be used in today’s IT problems ranging from better modeling in databases to better common sense representation systems.

About the Speaker – Prof. V.N. Jha

Prof. V. N. Jha is a specialist of various branches of Sanskrit learning and Navya Nyaya. All along he has been trying to promote Sanskrit studies through multi-disciplinary approaches in order to make such studies relevant to contemporary knowledge domains. He has visited several countries as visiting Professor and has delivered lectures. He has contributed over40 books and over 100 articles. Over 25 students received PhD degree under his supervision.

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