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Liveblogging CSI Pune Lecture: Applications of Business Intelligence

I am liveblogging CSI Pune‘s lecture on Applications of Business Intelligence by Narender C.V. of SAS R&D India. These are quick and dirty notes of the lecture – not intended to be a well organized article, but hopefully it gives you enough of a flavor for the area to get you interested and excited enough […]

CSI Lecture: Applications of Business Intelligence – 16th Oct

Computer Society of India – Pune Chapter presents the second lecture in a series on Data warehousing. The first lecture gave an overview of BI and DW. The second lecture will describe how these techniques are used by businesses: What: Applications of of Business Intelligence  by Narendar C.V. of SAS R&D India. When: Thursday, October 16th, 2008, 6:30pm to 8:30pm Where: Dewang Mehta Auditorium, Persistent Systems, […]

Use Google Insights to find a niche market for your (non-web) product

Image via CrunchBase, source unknown (In this interesting article, Trevas of Druvaa uses keyword search trending data from Google Insights and Google Labs Experimental Search to fine-tune his idea of what exactly is the market niche into which his products are most likely to have a demand. While search term analysis is a very common […]

Overview of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

I am liveblogging the CSI Pune lecture on Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. These are quick-n-dirty notes, so please forgive the uneven flow and typos. This page is being updated every few minutes. There’s a large turnout – over 100 people here. Business Intelligence is an area that covers a number of different technologies for […]