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Enhance Education: Pune Based startup focusing on Tablet-based education

Enhance Education (the new startup of founders Akshat Shrivastava and Arun Prabhudesai) is focusing on “tablet” computers (i.e. like iPad, but cheaper) as a primary feature of their eLearning platform that they hope will be used by colleges all over India to significantly improve the education provided to students / trainees. They are partnering with Amplify Mindware (a group of Institutions under Bharati Vidyapeeth) to help deploy this technology/service across a large number of institutions in India.

The basic idea is this:

  • Enhance Education has subject matter experts who produce high quality educational content, which is put up on their website (as part of their My Open Campus).
  • Educational Institutions (who would be customers of Enhance Education) sign-up for making My Open Campus content to their students.
  • Students are given internet-enabled “Enhance E-Pads” which can access content from My Open Campus over the internet. The Enhance E-Pads are android based touch-screen tablet devices that are expected to cost Rs. 3000 (and are likely to get cheaper over time).

In Enhance Educations’s Management Team, PuneTech readers (more accurately, Pune Open Coffee Club Members) will notice a bunch of familiar faces:

  • Akshat Shrivastava – CEO of Enhance Education. CEO of outsourcing company XanaduTec, and also founder of Alabot. @broadcalling on twitter.
  • Arun Prabhudesai – Head of Technology for Enhance Education. Also founder of http://trak.in, the very popular India Business Blog, and previously CEO of http://hover.in. @8ap and @trakin on twitter.

Vikas Kumar, founder of BrainVisa, is also listed as an eLearning Advisor.

The latest press release from Enhance Education is here. There’s a lot more information about Enhance Education on their blog – check it out.

Pune-based Harbinger wins award for learning software

Pune-based Harbinger group, creator of the Raptivity e-learning software, has just won an award from the “Chief Learning Officer” magazine for “Clinical Challenge,” an innovative online learning program that it created with Philips Healthcare, designed to pioneer the use of gaming in healthcare education. This program tries to combine entertainment with challenge to test knowledge on complex clinical subjects. 

From the press release:

As can be seen on the Philips Learning Center web site www.theonlinelearningcenter.com, complex subjects such as anatomy, physiology, pathology and imaging specific challenges have been made engaging and interesting using a variety of game formats including popular TV game shows, common board games, challenging brainteasers, immersive simulation games and so forth. The tools have also provided a means to present advanced clinical images in a format that allows for exploration via drag and drop, hot spots and auto-solve techniques. 

Use of games for learning appears to be one of the areas that Raptivity is focusing on, earlier having partnered with a US non-profit organization, the Entomological Foundation, to design an develop games based online learning software products targeted towards 3rd and 4th grade children in the US. The games teach the children about “the exciting world of insects and their role in our environment.”

The main features of Raptivity:

  • Leverage Raptivity library of pre-built interactions based on best practices in instructional design.
  • Completely customize each interaction.
  • Create a single Flash File for your eLearning interactivity.
  • Successfully track completion status, score and responses for each interactivity.
  • Packages that allow easy creation of 3D content, learning games, converting videos to interactive videos, and simulations

Harbinger are also the creators of Flockpod, a web-service that allows web publishers to create a space on their webpage where users can interact with each other right on-the-spot, without leaving the page.