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Technical Seminar on Sun’s ZFS (file system) from KQInfoTech

What: Technical seminar on ZFS (file-system) from Sun, presented by KQInfoTech
When: Friday, 9th October, 6pm-8pm
Where: Sadanand Regency, Opposite Balewadi Stadium, Bangalore Highway (note: this is not the same as Sadanand Restaurant)
Registration and Fees: This seminar is free for all to attend. You must register to attend.

Sun Microsystems
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On ZFS Technologies

KQInfoTech invites everybody interested in storage and systems to join them in a discussion of ZFS from Sun. This is the second talk in the series. The first talk had discussed various features of ZFS and introduced basic of ZFS, while this seminar we will be attempting to take a deeper plunge into ZFS, trying to look at various aspects of ZFS architecture and getting a better understanding of the same.

However, it is not necesssary to have attended the first seminar to be able to attend this one. There will be a quick refresher for those who missed out on the first one, to bring everyone up to speed on the basics of ZFS.

There are no fees for participation. However in view of limited seats, prior registration is crucial.

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