Talk slides: Selecting a Programming Language – Dhananjay Nene

Yesterday, Dhananjay Nene gave a presentation (or rather, led an animated discussion) on how to choose a programming language for your application – a list of issues to consider – both technical as well as managerial – before you decide which programming language is right for you. This talk was a follow-up to the related PuneTech post by him on why you can improve your ROI for web based software development and maintenance with dynamic programming languages.

Dhananjay has now posted the slides of his talk at his blog. They are reproduced here for those who missed the talk:

If you cannot see the slideshow above, you can view/download it from here.

My quick-n-dirty notes of the talk, my own observations, and a few audience questions/reactions were live-tweeted from the punetechlive twitter account, and can be viewed here. (They’re in reverse chronological order, so read from the bottom up.)

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