Technology Development Opportunities in Orthopedic Products in Indian Market – NCL talk – 4 Aug

What: NCL & Venture Center Presentation on Technology Development Opportunities for Orthopedic Products in the Indian Market, by Dr. Vijay Panchanadikar, Orthopedic Surgeon.
When: Wednesday, 4th August, 3:30pm-5pm
Where: Chemical Engineering Hall, NCL, Pashan Road. Map (CE is Hall #10)
Registration and Fees: This event is free for all to attend. No registration required

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Click on the Venture Center Logo to see all PuneTech articles about Venture Center

The NCL Innovation IDEA Catalyst Workshop Series

This talk is a part of a workshop series (The NCL Innovation IDEA Catalyst Workshop Series), that focuses on exploring technology development and commercialization opportunities by connecting scientists/technologists with people who understand market and industry needs. This talk is the first in this series and features an orthopedic surgeon pointing out opportunities in his area in the Indian market, if only some technologist would develop the technologies needed.

Tech Opportunities for Orthopedic Products

Polymers, ceramics and specialty alloys are increasingly used as bearing and/or volume-filling materials in orthopedic implants such as hips and knees. However, there are several issues with existing products, such as the need for highly skilled surgeons, limited bio-compatibility of implant materials, inappropriate pricing for Indian markets, etc. In this talk, Dr. Panchanadikar will show real life examples of implants used for a variety of orthopedic surgeries, and highlight the problems faced by orthopedic surgeons during the use of implants. He will describe a âwish listâ of products for the orthopedic implant market as well as the need for software solutions to improve the accuracy of guide wire positioning as well as imaging & simulation tools for skills development of young surgeons. This talk is a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between scientists with competencies in biomaterials and surgeons with awareness of market needs and product opportunities.

About the speaker – Dr. Vijay Panchanadikar

Dr. Panchanadikar is an orthopedic surgeon from Pune, who has over two decades of experience in this field, and performs over 100 major orthopedic surgeries each year. His areas of interest include trauma surgery, joint replacement and computer imaging in orthopedics. He has published several papers and has delivered lectures and presentations at several conferences across India. He also teaches DNB students at Sanjeevan Hospital and holds a keen interest in developing interactive learning aids for orthopedics. He holds copyrights in India for imaging software used for accurate positioning of guide wire in surgeries for fractures of various bones.

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