TechStart Internship Mela: Connect with 200 CS graduates for your projects – 18th July

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Last week we wrote about the hundreds of CS engineering graduates who are temporarily idle, and the techstart initiative where we are hoping to connect up companies, startups or individuals who can use these engineers for their projects. To facilitate this, an ‘Internship Mela’ will be held on Saturday, 18th July, from 2pm to 6pm, at the Dewang Mehta Auditorium, Persistent, S.B. Road.

The basic idea behind the ‘Internship Mela’ is as follows:

  • All those who would like to find engineers for their projects are invited to attend
  • All engineers who are interested in getting internships will attend
  • From 2pm to 4pm: Each potential company/startup/mentor/guide gets to present to the engineers for 3 minutes. Give a quick introduction of yourself, your company, what projects you plan to do with the interns, what kind of skills you are looking for, and whether you will be paying a stipend or not, and your contact info.
  • From 4pm to 6pm: Open networking. The potential interns will walk up to the mentors that they are interested and discuss details and set up a follow up meeting.

The idea is that this is a marketplace designed to allow mentors to find students quickly.

To register as a company or individual offering internships, please follow these steps

  • Join the techstart mailing list (click on “Join this group” link on the right side of the page)
  • After joining, go to the TechStart Internship Mela Registration Page and add yourself to the list there. (Click on the “Edit this page” button, then add your info just above the last line in the list.)
  • Come to Dewang Mehta Auditorium, Persistent, S.B. Road at 1:45pm on 18th July. Prepare a 3-minute talk that can help the potential interns decide whether they are interested in your project. Be as specific as possible. (Note: there will be no slides/projector)

Students interested in this program – just show up at the venue (see details above). No registration required. Bring multiple copies of your resume.

About TechStart

Anand Deshpande of Persistent started this initiative to help out the computer science engineering students who graduated in 2009, but had their job offers deferred or rescinded. The idea is to give the engineers some industry experience, and at the same time allow the industry to get some useful work done. See for details. TechStart consists of many volunteers from across the industry, and a whole bunch of other Pune organizations (like CSI Pune, Pune Open Coffee Club) are also helping out.

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4 thoughts on “TechStart Internship Mela: Connect with 200 CS graduates for your projects – 18th July

  1. sir ,
    i am pursuing M.Sc(comp. sci) and have recently given 2nd sem papers ,i will have to do intership in my 4th semester after december 2010 …am i eligible to attend this Techstart Intership Mela commencing on 18th july 2010….is it mandatory that internship seekers need to be passed out CS engineers….or other interested students like me could attend this and can get benefitted by working on some live projects under guidance in real, competitive world.

    1. @Sushma, This article is about the Internship Mela last year (2009). If/when an internship mela happens in 2010 (for Jan 2011 internships), it will be announced on PuneTech. (You can subscribe to PuneTech to get updates, so that you do not miss the announcement.)

  2. Thank you ,sir for your concern; and looking forward for more such techstart internship mela.
    thank you.

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