The world is changing – how should startups cope? PoCC talk by Atul Chitnis

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Atul Chitnis, has been at the forefront of the software revolution in India since the 80s. He has literally seen this world change multiple times. He will address Pune’s startups on how the world is changing, again, and how to be prepared for this change. This will on Sunday, March 29, 11am to 1pm at Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research (SICSR), Model Colony. (Map)

Atul is very active in the Linux and the FOSS community, he is a successful technology trend watcher, and he is also into mobile, wireless, handheld technologies. He would be happy to address any of these topics based on the interest of the audience.

Atul is the Chief Products Officer at Geodesic ( He has been at the forefront of India’s technology evolution since the 1980s, predicting and driving new technology waves such as datacommunication, networking, the Internet, wireless and mobile computing, and Open Source, among others. A hardcore products man, his focus areas include mobile and hand-held computing, wireless data networks, Linux and Open Source and entertainment technologies – topics he frequently writes about. His popular PCQuest column, COMversations, helped bootstrap Indian users into the consumer datacomm era. Atul is well known for his work with the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) community, and is also the founder of FOSS.IN, one of the world’s largest grassroot technology conferences. He is also a member of several Project Review and Steering Committees with the Department of Information technology (DIT), Government of India.

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    1. Well, I was really looking forward to a marathon 11am to 1am session, but if you insist, I’ll change it to 1pm. 🙂

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