Linux Kernel Internals – 7 June

Posted on behalf of Anurag Agarwal of KQ Infotech. This is a paid training program. See the end of this article for fees and other logistics. Disclaimer: PuneTech does not accept any remuneration, monetary or otherwise, for publishing content. Postings of a commercial nature (e.g. paid training program) are posted solely on the basis of whether or not they fit in with the charter of PuneTech and whether the readers would find those interesting. Please let me know your views on this issue. I’m posting this one because it involves “deep” technology, I think it would be of interest to a number of PuneTech readers, and because I can recommend the program based on the reputation of the trainers.

Are you planning to make a career in development in Linux kernel but don’t have right skills?
Have you burned your fingers writing your own code in the Linux kernel?

KQ Infotech is launching a unique training and mentoring program for you. There are two parts to this program. First one is the forty hours intensive training and other one a long term mentoring.

Training will provide you a good understanding of all the sub systems of Linux. It will enable you to debug, modify Linux kernel and write various device drivers. There will be a number of theory sessions, practical sessions, peer code reviews and code walk through. All the assignments will be targeted towards specific Linux kernel functionalities.

But it is very unlikely that a forty hours training would be able to make you a good Linux kernel programmer. In the absence of a real Linux kernel project, it is very unlikely that you will become a good Linux kernel programmer. After forty hours training a special mentoring program will be launched for this purpose.

All the students will be provided with a medium term Linux kernel project. KQ Infotech will facilitate a two hour weekly meeting to discuss and solve this project related problems. This program will enable one to become a good Linux kernel programmer in three to six months time.

About the Trainers
We have 7 to 11 years experience in developing systems storage software and virtualization solutions at Symantec (formerly Veritas) and are well versed with the challenges and techniques for engineering in the kernel space. We believe that our strong development background on heterogeneous platforms (Linux, solaris and AIX)  will enable us to give our audience a better perspective on developing in the Linux kernel.

Course Contents
This course assumes good knowledge of C, familiarity with editors (vi/emacs) and basic concepts of user land and kernel space.

This course is designed for the people having their day job. This course will be delivered on Saturday and Sunday, for five hours each day. There will be assignments, code review, code walk through.

A brief overview of the course contents is below

Day 1: Introduction to Linux

  • Linux Kernel Features

  • Code layout

  • Build Linux Kernel

  • Introduction to the Kernel Module API

  • Legal Issues with Linux Kernel

  • Introduction to System Calls

Day 2: Process management and scheduling

  • Introduction to Process Management

  • Linux Kernel Order one scheduler

  • Fork system call

  • Signals and signal handlers

  • debugging techniques with Linux Kernel

  • Proc file system

Day 3: Synchronization

  • Important Data structures in the kernel

  • Synchronization primitives in the linux kernel

Day 4: Interrupts

  • Introduction Interrupts and ISRs

  • Introduction to bottom halves, tasklet

Day 5: File System

  • Introduction to VFS

  • ext2/ext3 filesystem

Day 6: Device Drivers

  • Introduction to character device drivers

  • Introduction to block device drivers

Day 7 and 8: Memory Management

  • Introduction to Linux Memory Management

  • Allocator, allocation schemes

  • Process view of memory, kernel view of memory

  • Drill down on x86 specific: L1, L2, TLB
  • Paging and swapping

First batch for this course will start from 7th June.
This course will be delivered at Pune IT park.
There will be five hours session on both Saturday and Sunday.

There is one combined fee for training and mentoring program. It is 25,000/-. There is special discount of 20% for first batch. Fee for first batch will be 20,000/-.

Contact us:
Anurag Agarwal: or 9881254401
Anand Mitra: or 9881296791

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