PuneChips Event: Building an Autonomous and Scalable Semiconductor VLSI Business

PuneChips, the forum for everybody interested VLSI, semiconductor and embedded technologies in Pune, along with LSI Corporation invite you to a talk on Building an Autonomous and Scalable Semiconductor VLSI Business. This talk is by Dr. T.R. Ramachandra, a Senior Director in the Storage Peripherals division of LSI.

The talk is on Wednesdah, 13 July, from 9:30am to 11am at LSI’s office near the airport.

Abstract: Building an Autonomous and Scalable Semiconductor VLSI Business

The presentation focuses on effective ways to build autonomous and scalable semiconductor VLSI businesses. The trends in the VLSI industry and inherent challenges of growth make autonomy & scale-building essential elements of long-term success. This is particularly relevant to emerging geographies like India where there is increased focus on enhancing end-to-end capabilities and overall management.

About the Speaker – Dr. T.R. Ramachandran

T. R. Ramachandran is Senior Director for Product Operations in the Storage Peripherals Division at LSI. In this role, he reports to the Senior Vice President and General Manager of the division and is responsible for the operations infrastructure, business processes, IP and customer program management across the entire product lifecycle from planning through manufacturing ramp for LSI’s highest volume semiconductor business. Before assuming this role, TR held a number of positions in LSI where he brought to bear a unique blend of expertise in a range of areas from business, operations & program management, strategic/competitive analysis, large-scale M&A and business transformations, global product development and deployment, and supplier & manufacturing management. He lives in the United States in Northern California, and is keenly interested in various aspects of technology & broader public policy as well as problems of scale tied to private, public and/or non-governmental sectors.

TR received a Bachelor’s degree in Metallurgical Engineering from IIT-M (Indian Institute of Technology in Madras/Chennai) and is a recipient of the Dr. Dhandapani Prize from IIT-M and the Vidya Bharati Prize conferred by the Indian Institute of Metals. He received his Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Materials Science from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. His Ph.D. was focused on structural and optical studies of semiconductor thin films & quantum dot nanostructures and innovative forays into nanotechnology using scanning probe microscopes.

About Pune Chips

PuneChips is a special interest group on semiconductor design and applications. PuneChips was formed to foster an environment for growth of companies in the semiconductor design and applications segment in the Pune area. Our goal is to build an ecosystem similar to PuneTech for companies in this field, where they can exchange information, consult with experts, and start and grow their businesses.

For more information, see the PuneChips website, and/or join the PuneChips mailing list. Please forward to anybody in Pune who is interested in renewable energy, solar technologies, semiconductors, chip design, VLSI design, chip testing, and embedded applications.

Fees and registration

This event is free and open for anybody to attend. RSVP Reshma Arthani: Reshma.Artani@lsi.com, Mobile: +91.992.320.3557

The talk is at: Sargam Auditorium, 4th floor, LSI India, Commerzone, Samrat Ashok Path, Off Airport Road. Wednesday 13 July, 9:30am.