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IndLinux: 2-day meet for developers of Indian versions of Linux – May 16, 17

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What: A 2-day workshop intended for all teams working on localization, documentation and development of Indian versions of Linux
When: 16, 17 May, 10am to 6pm
Where: Red Hat Pune, 6th Floor, East Wing Marisoft-III, Marigold Premises, Kalyaninagar, Pune
Registration and Fees: No idea. But, in keeping with the “free” and “open source” philosophy of linux, I would be surprised if the event isn’t free and open for all to attend
Link: click

A meeting of the various teams associated with IndLinux will be held at the offices of Red Hat Inc., Pune. Broad objectives of the meeting are to have all teams touch base with one another, and work together to chalk out a roadmap for work over the next year. There will be three tracks over the two days of the meeting, with two of these always running in parallel: (a) Localisation track, (b) Documentation track, and (c) Code development track. Specific objectives, and where possible, immediate deliverables for the various components of each track will be set before the meeting.


Day I: 16th May, 2009

Localisation track

Development track


Introduction, general queries and concerns


Bengali: Runa Bhattacharjee


Locales, and related work: Rahul Bhalerao, Pravin Satpute, Parag Nemade


Chhatishgarhi: Ravishankar


Gujarati: Kartik, Shweta Kothari




FUEL project: Rajesh Ranjan


OCR: Tesseract Debayan


Assamese: Amitakhya Phukan


Hindi: Rajesh Ranjan, Ravishankar, Karunakar, Ravikant


Kannada: Shankar Prasad


Maithili: Sangeeta Kumari, Rajesh Ranjan


Malayalam: Santhosh Thottingal


OCR: Simple approach: Gora, Shantanu, Nandeep

Day II: 17th May, 2009

Localisation/documentation track

Development track


Marathi: Sandeep Shedmake



(a) Finish phonetic rules for aspell: Gora

(b) Phonetic rules for Hunspell: Santhosh

(c) Stardict dictionaries: Karunakar


Oriya: Manoj Giri


Punjabi: Jaswinder Singh


Translation quality assurance: Runa Bhattacharjee




Tamil: Sri Ramadoss M, I Felix


Font converters: Gora, Shantanu, Nandeep, including Hindi work from Google groups.


Telugu: Krishnababu


Round table on localisation: All


Other development work


Discussion on emphasising documentation

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Java Persistence 2.0: With JBoss/Hibernate Guru Emmanuel Bernard, 22 April

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What: An overview of the features of Java Persistence 2.0 with JBoss/Hibernate Guru Emmanuel Bernard
When: Wednesday, 22st April, 4:30pm
Where: Red Hat Pune 6th Floor, East Wing Marisoft-III, Marigold Premises, Kalyani Nagar, Pune
Registration and Fees: This event is free for all to attend. No registration required


This will be the second presentation by Emmanuel Bernard, who is visiting Pune currently. The first presentation on “Hibernate Search” will be on Tuesday, 21st April. This one is at the same time, same place, but on Wednesday.

Java Persistence has standardized Object Relational mapping in Java and Java EE and has been hugely adopted. This presentation will introduce you to the new features of Java Persistence 2.0 as most requested by the community and specified by the expert group. These include the new Criteria API, support for collections of simple type and Map support as well as support for Bean Validation.

To connect with others in Pune interested in JBoss, Hibernate and relatives, join the Pune JBoss Users Group. For more information about Tuesday’s talk (Hibernate Search), see this post.

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Hibernate Search – Adding search to your Java apps: A deep dive, 21st April

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What: A deep dive into Hibernate Search with JBoss/Hibernate Guru Emmanuel Bernard
When: Tuesday, 21st April, 4:30pm
Where: Red Hat Pune 6th Floor, East Wing Marisoft-III, Marigold Premises, Kalyani Nagar, Pune
Registration and Fees: This event is free for all to attend. No registration required

As we had reported last week, Emmanuel Bernard, JBoss and Hibernate guru, the founder and co-founder of all annotation related projects in Hibernate, is in Pune and the Pune JBoss Users Group has arranged two lectures by Emmanuel for the benefit of the Java community in Pune.

The first of these lectures is on Tuesday, 21st April, and the second is on Wednesday 22nd April. Details of the second talk will be covered in a separate post.

On Tuesday, Emmanuel will talk about Hibernate search

Abstract: Adding search “like Google” to your Java applications

How many times has a customer told you they want to search in their application “like Google“? How many times was the search engine in your application too slow? Hibernate Search brings full-text search
capabilities to a persistent domain model, providing Google-like search capabilities while avoiding the traditional cost and difficulties to set up such solutions.

In this session, you will learn what problems Hibernate Search can solve and you will follow the steps of adding it to a Hibernate based application. You will build your own application specific full-text search engine. We will also explore advance subjects such as clustering and the underlyings of phonetic approximation.

To connect with others in Pune interested in JBoss, Hibernate and relatives, join the Pune JBoss Users Group.

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JBoss/Hibernate Guru Emmanuel Bernard in Pune – 21/22 April (Pune JBoss Users Group)

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Emmanuel Bernard, a JBoss Guru, and founder/co-founder of all the Hibernate annotations projects is visiting Pune next week. The just-formed Pune JBoss Users Group is planning on arranging an event for Pune’s JBoss/Hibernate developers to interact with Emmanuel. The details have not yet been decided and will be put up on the PuneJBUG mailing list. Or, simply subscribe for PuneTech updates.

Stay tuned for details of the event that the PuneJBUG is planning. If you want to meet Emmanuel separately, you can try to get in touch with Jaikiran, the creator/moderator of PuneJBUG, or you can directly message Emmanuel via twitter.

About Pune JBoss Users Group – PuneJBUG

This is a community for JBoss developers in Pune (or any other part of India). The group will soon be starting regular events related to JBoss community projects. Feel free to suggest an event that you would like to organize or participate with other JBoss community users. Mailing List: http://groups.google.com/group/jbug-pune

About Emmanuel Bernard

Emmanuel is a Lead developer at JBoss, a division of Red Hat. After graduating from Supelec (French “Grande Ecole”), Emmanuel has spent a few years in the retail industry where he started to be involved in the ORM space. He joined the Hibernate team 4 years ago. Emmanuel is the lead developer of Hibernate Annotations and Hibernate EntityManager, two key projects on top of Hibernate core implementing the Java Persistence(tm) specification, as well as Hibernate Search and Validator. Emmanuel is a member of the EJB 3.0 expert group and the spec lead of JSR 303: Bean Validation. He is a regular speaker at various conferences and JUGs, including JavaOne, JBoss World and JavaPolis and the co-author of Hibernate Search in Action from Manning.

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