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Branding and Marketing for your startup: PoCC meet, 18 April

What: POCC meeting on “Branding your IP: A mantra to global success” and “Hi-Technology Marketing”
When: Saturday, 18th April (today!), 4pm
Where: Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research, Atur Centre, Model Colony. Map.
Registration and Fees: This event is free for all. No registration required

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Branding your IP: Your mantra for global success – Prantik Mazumdar

Prantik Mazumdar, Consultant and Country Manager for StrategiCom, has kindly agreed to take a branding session. StrategiCom mainly deals for brand evaluation and positioning for SME’s around the globe.

He shall be accompanied by Prof Kaustubh, Associate Prof and Faculty for Corporate Training at SIBM, Lavale. The 2 together operate the free weekly brand health clinic at SIBM for SME’s

Abstract of the talk

The brand's social penetration
Social penetration of your brand. Image by activeside via Flickr

They say “Necessity is the mother of all inventions” and it is some of these inventions that empower and transform our world. Some of the grandest inventions that have had a significant impact on our lives today include the wheel, electricity, the light bulb, the automobile, telephones, mobile phones, the internet, etc. But was just inventing these ideas, concepts and processes enough for them to succeed and transform our world?

Just google “why startups fail” and there would be a host of sites proclaiming that about 9 out of 10 startups fail within the first two to three years of business! Is there something that can help increase and insure your chances of success? Something that can ensure and protect your growth? – The answer lies in commercializing, protecting and most importantly branding your intellectual property right from day one!

The session would focus on 7 key steps that entrepreneurs must take to build strong brands out of their inventions and innovations

Hi-Technology Marketing – Abhijit Athavale

Abhijit Athavale shall be talking on identity, positioning, sementation and market analysis, value proposition, messaging, campaigning and measurement.

See the PuneTech calendar for information about other tech events happening in this weekend.

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SIMC Seminar: Cyber Media Conclave – 28th March

What: A day long seminar on issues in internet as a communications medium, with Kiruba Shankar, Atul Chitnis, Rajesh Lalwani etc.
When: Saturday, March 28, 10am to 7pm
Where: Symbiosis Knowledge Village, Lavale, Pune
Registration and Fees: This event is open to all. For details contact Hamsini +91 90110 21853, or Deepali +91 97658 97445

The Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication (SIMC) is organising National Cyber Media Conclave ’09, a media seminar on the 28th of March, in its campus at Lavale. The event will explore various aspects of the cyber medium and its vast potential. A first of its kind initiative by any educational institution, NCMC aims to bring together stalwarts from the cyber world on a common platform where they can address enthusiastic young minds interested in cyber media.

The National Cyber Media Conclave will host two panels of speakers on the potency of cyber media for knowledge sharing, social change and networking; and the emergence of the web as a medium for branding and marketing. This would be followed by a workshop conducted by Mr. Rajesh Lalwani (Founder and CEO, Blogworks.com), and ‘Web Wunderkind’, a contest on the presentation of a business plan for the cyber medium. The winners of the contest would get cash prizes worth Rs. 15,000/-.

The following speakers are expected:
Kiruba Shankar, Co-founder, The Knowledge foundation
Namit Bhimbhat, CEO, Switch Media Services
Atul Chitnis, Senior VP, Geodesic Information Systems
Jasmeen Bhateja, Founder, www.blanknoise.com
Rajesh Lalwani, Founder and CEO, blogworks.com

See the event page for more details.

Also, remember that there are 6 tech events competing for your attention this weekend, including Dhananjay Nene‘s talk on strengths and weaknesses of programming languages, and Atul Chitnis on How the world is changing, and what startups should do about it. For details see the PuneTech calendar.

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Sprout IT ’09: SCIT Entrepreneurship Seminar on 28th Feb

What: Half day event by Symbiosis Center for Information Technology (SCIT) entrepreneurship cell in innovation and entrepreneurship
When: 10am to 2pm, Saturday, 28th Feb
Where: SCIT, Hinjewadi
Registration and Fees: Rs. 50 for students Rs.300 for others. No registration reequired.

Highlights of the event

Panel Discussion on “Entrepreneurship and innovation are two sides of the same coin”.

Mr. Vishnu Swaminathan, Cheif Innovation Officer Nationa Innovation foundation.
Mr. Monish Shah, Founder and CEO, Indra Networks.
Mr. Kashyap Dalal, CEO, Inkfruit.com
Mr. Rajeevlochan Phadke, CEO, Image Point Technologies
Mr. Sudhir Sharma, Elephant Director and COO

Bhartiya Yuva Shakti Trust presentation
BYST is keen on working with young people in the age group of 18 to 35, who are either unemployed or underemployed. We invite individuals with sound imaginative business ideas, along with the will and determination to succeed.

More details are here.

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Get student interns for 6-months for your company

As a part of their course, students of courses like MCA and MSc CA are required to do a 6-month internship in the industry. Normally, students are expected to find the internships on their own, as a result of which, smaller companies and startups without much visibility lose out on this stream of students.

To fix this we are arranging a “speed-date” for companies to quickly give a very short pitch (3 minutes) about themselves and then meet many students in a short time so that in a single meeting companies can quickly shortlist probable candidates, and conversely candidates can quickly shortlist probable companies for further interviews. This will happen on January 22, 4:30pm at SICSR. If you are interested, send me a mail (navin@punetech.com). Hurry, offer valid until stocks last.

What to expect

  • These are students of the M.Sc. in Computer Applications offered by SICSR. They will know programming (java, javascript, PHP, Ajax, databases) quite well. They will also know computer science fundamentals (algorithms, etc.) but not quite as well as a B.E. student. See http://www.symbiosiscomputers.com/v5/programmes/programmes_msccastructure.php for details of their curriculum
  • The students can start working for you immediately, and will work for 5 to 6 months – i.e. until mid-June. This is supposed to be a full-time job for the students during this period.
  • You would be expected to pay the students a stipend of about 4k/5k per month (or more depending on quality of students and competition). The official line is that they are required to do this to learn something, and not for the money. (It’s a requirement for their degree and they cannot graduate without this experience.)
  • You would be expected to give an evaluation of the student’s work to the college
  • In one of the previous POCC meetings, I heard someone say that they had a good experience with SICSR student interns. If you or someone else has experience with SICSR interns, please share it here for the benefit of the community. Please share negative experiences also, if you’ve had any.


  • Send me (navin@punetech.com) a requirement profile describing the kind of project/work you are willing to offer by Thursday, 15th January. This will be cirtulated amongst the students. Describe your company, and the project/role. Please also indicate whether you are willing to receive some resumes of interested students beforehand.
  • On Thursday, 22nd Jan, 4:30pm to 7:30pm, there will be a “speed date” kind of an event, where each one of you will get 3 minutes to pitch your company and/or projects. At the end, you get a table where interested students come and talk to you for a maximum of 5 minutes. In this time, you should get a quick judgement of whether you want call this student for a further interview. The expectation is that at the end of the day, you have a short list of students that you are interested in interviewing, and who are interested in working for you.
  • Due to time constraints, the number of slots is limited. So, in case we receive more entries than we can accomodate, we’ll choosed on a first-come-first-served basis.

We are trying to include other colleges with similar programs. I’ll send out updates as more info becomes available.

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Business plan competition for students – funding up to Rs. 1 crore

Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Pune, is running Endeavor 2008, a business plan competition (open only to students). So if you are a student with an interesting idea looking to get visibility, guidance, and possibly lots of money, hurry, because the last date to submit entries is 24th August.


“SIBM Endeavour 2008” provides a platform for budding entrepreneurs with
viable Business Plans to meet seed funds and venture capitalists through the
“SIBM Endeavour Business Plan” contest. This contest is a 3 month long
business plan contest with 4 rounds. Every participating team can expect to
gain from the contest. Individual mentorship, Elevator Pitch for top 40
b-plans, cash prizes, and above all, funding of upto Rs. 10 Million (from Seed
Fund Advisors Pvt. Ltd.).

Our panelists for this contest are:

  • IndiaCo Ventures Capital Ltd.
  • NEA-IndoUS Venture Capitals
  • SEED FUND Pvt. Ltd.
  • NEN Online

Last date for Executive Summary: 24th August – 2008

Cash Prizes:
1st Prize: Rs. 2,00,000
2nd Prize: Rs. 85,000

For registration: http://www.sibm.edu/endeavour08

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