TechWeekend #9 (#tw9): Game Development

If you like programming, then you cannot miss TechWeekend. This month (actually, 10am tomorrow), we have TechWeekend 9 (#tw9) which will focus on Game Development.

A Programmers’ introduction to Game Development

By Girish Dhakephalkar,

An introduction to various elements involved in game development with a focus on programming. This talk would explain the structure of a game development team and how the roles fit into the overall plan. It will also explain the basic ideas and concepts related to game programming, including an overview of a game engine and its working. Lastly, it will highlight the kind of skill-sets required by someone who wants to make it as a game programmer.

Game Development using XNA

By Dhaval Faria.

Microsoft XNA is the game development framework (tools and runtime) used for building games for Xbox 360.

Microsoft XNA is a set of tools with a managed runtime environment provided by Microsoft that facilitates computer game development and management. XNA attempts to free game developers from writing “repetitive boilerplate code” and to bring different aspects of game production into a single system.

2-D Game Development for WinPhone7 using Sliverlight

By Mayur Tendulkar.


We will have about 90 minutes for a session on whatever topics people in the audience feel like talking about. Ideally, we would like you to give a 10 minute lightning talk on a tech topic you’re really interested in (not necessarily game development). It would work best if you’ve prepared beforehand, but that is not a requirement.

About Techweekend

TechWeekend Pune is a volunteer run activity. TechWeekend talks are held on the 3rd Saturday of every month from 10am to 2pm at Sumant Moolgaonkar Auditorium, Ground Floor, ICC Trade Center, SB Road. Each TechWeekend event features 3 or 4 talks on advanced technical topics. These events are free for all to attend. See PuneTech articles about past techweekends to get an idea of the events.

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About the Sponsor – Microsoft

Many thanks to Microsoft for sponsoring the venue for Techweekend. Microsoft wants to get more closely involved with the tech community in Pune, and particularly the open source enthusiasts – with the intention of making everybody aware that their cloud technologies (like Azure) actually play well with open source, and that you can deploy your php applications, your drupal/joomla installs on Azure.

Fees and Registration

TechWeekend #9 happens tomorrow, Saturday 10am-2pm, at Sumant Moolgaokar Auditorium, Ground Floor, Wing A, MCCIA Trade Towers, ICC Complex, SB Road.

This event is free and open for anybody to attend. Please register here

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