Upcoming Tech Events In Pune: Testing / Rails / Mobile Networks / e-Commerce

The PuneTech Calendar lists 7 different Tech Events in Pune over the next 3 days. And these are just the free events that are open for anybody to attend – we’re not even counting paid events (since it’s against PuneTech policy to promote events whose entry fees are more than Rs. 1000).

So, in order to simplify your life, and make it easier for you to choose, here is a handy guide to the events this week. The listing here just gives the name of the event, and reasons for why you should attend. For more details like venue, timing, and registration, check the full listing in PuneTech Calendar

Twestival Pune – 6pm, Today, 24 March – if you’re interested in Social Media and Charity, go to the 1st Brewhouse at the Corinthian Club (more popularly known as the Doolally microbrewery), pay Rs. 350 “cover charge” which goes towards charity, and in return you get 2 pints of beer, live screening of the India-Australia Cricket match, and a live band between innings.

Startup Founders, especially those who are working on commercializing a non-trivial technology innovation, can apply for funding (or even grants) from TePP, an entrepreneur promotion programme from the Government of India. Today, 24 March, 4pm-6pm, the Venture Center, at NCL, Pashan Road, will have an informational programme giving you an idea of what TePP is, and how to apply.

If you’re a quality assurance / testing professional, you should definitely attend vodQA Nite – The Testing Spirit night, on Saturday, 26 March, 11am to 2:30pm.

If you’re a Rails developer, you can attend the all night Pune Rails Hackfest which will go all night on Friday, starting at 6pm. (You don’t need to stay the whole night – can can leave whenever you’re tired or have had enough). Great place to meet the really serious Rails hackers in Pune.

If you’re doing eCommerce and worried about online payments over the internet (and all the associated problems for merchants in India), check out the “Amazon Global Payments Services” talk on Friday, March 25, 6pm, and also the “Setting up an ecommerce website using Paypal and Google Checkout” presentation on Saturday, March 26, 1pm.

And finally, if you are an entrepreneur in the Kothrud area, or you are someone else interested in the startup ecosystem (student who might want to join a startup instead of an established company, someone interested in starting a startup one day, or a service provider/vendor who’s interested in marketing to startups), go for POCC-Kothrud kickoff meeting, i.e. the meeting of the Kothrud branch of the Pune Open Coffee Club (Pune’s incredibly active, free, open forum for startups).

That’s what’s going on this weekend.

In addition, on Tuesday and Wednesday, for those interested in Chemical Science/Technology we have a distinguished visitor, Prof. CNR Rao, FRS, National Research Professor & Honorary President and Linus Pauling Research Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR), Bangalore. On Tuesday he is giving a talk “Chemical Science: Glorious Past & Exciting Future” and on Wednesday it is “The Man Who Did Not Get a Prize – a Story of Modern Chemistry”.

So, overall, a very active few days for us. So many events, so little time – what a good problem to have, right?

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