Drupal Sprint India – 2-day coding event for Drupal developers

Drupal Sprint India 2009 is a free for all gathering of Drupal enthusiasts from India, who plan to contribute to Drupal development and newbies who want to learn more about Drupal.

Drupal Sprint India will have a non-stop 2 day long sprint where you can contribute by fixing bugs, writing module, documenting upcoming Drupal 7 or helping in translating Drupal to local Indian languages.

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Leading the Drupal documentation sprint is Addison Berry, lead of Drupal documentation project. So, if you are a technical writer or you are interested in documenting the best Open source CMS in the world, this is your chance to work with the real experts and learn a trick or two.

For those who love to code, there will be a large gathering of Drupal programmers around the country who will focus on improving upcoming Drupal 7 release by fixing bugs or migrating modules to Drupal 7. Those of you who love to code for Drupal, this is your chance to contribute and gain karma.

But that is not all. There are a few things in store for the non-geeks who love Drupal for its flexibility and extensive nature. Parallel to sprints, there will be talks and workshops to showcase case studies of successful Drupal implementation as well as Drupal’s capabilities beyond a CMS – including Drupal’s ability to integrate with third party softwares such as a CRM, as well as Drupal’s capability to integrate with third party services such as social networking wesbite. So, if you are planning to use Drupal for your next big venture, this is the event for you. Come and meet the best Drupal brains in the country.

So book your calender for October 30-31 2009 and join the gang at Bhaskaraharya Pratishthan in Pune to be a part of the biggest Drupal event in India ever! And yes, do not forget to register for the event, it will take few minutes only but it will help the organizers in organizing things.

2 thoughts on “Drupal Sprint India – 2-day coding event for Drupal developers

  1. Thanks for spreading the message 🙂 Hope to see some technical bloggers/writers at DSI. I hope people discover the joy of being part of drupal community as many of us have.

  2. Why should i attend ??

    a) If you are a newbie

    * You will get a chance to learn something very dynamic.
    * You will get a chance to know Drupal which is one of the best opensource Content Management System ever created.
    * You will get an opportunity to build up network with Drupal Geeks from India and abroad.
    * You will get an opportunity to be contribute to Drupal in various forms.

    b) If you are a Drupaler

    * You can showcase your skills via talks/workshops.
    * You can help in Bug Fixing
    * You can help in Documenting Drupal
    * You can help in Localizing Drupal
    * You will meet Drupal enthusiasts from all over India and across

    IFFFFFFFFFF you are unable to make it to pune this time.

    * You can still contribute 🙂
    * You can contribute to Localization via http://localize.drupal.org/translate/languages/hi
    * You can also contribute in other sprints as well, information will stortly be published on Event Website

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