CORRECTION: ASIC Verification – guest post by Arati Halbe

Yesterday’s PuneTech post, “ASIC Verification: Trends and Challenges” was actually a guest post by Arati Halbe. Due to an oversight, I forgot to include the “About the Author” section in the post (in fact, I forgot to include any mention of the fact that the post was by Arati.) I apologize for the oversight.

Arati has close to 9 years experience in ASIC front end design and verification. Post silicon validation and FPGA prototyping is her recent area of interest and expertise. Arati has worked with Wipro Technologies and Conexant Systems. Arati did her B.E. from University of Pune and M.Tech from CEDT, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. See her linked-in profile for more details.

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