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PuneConnect 2012 application date extended to 19 Nov

Since this is Diwali Week, and people are on vacation, we have received a number of requests to extend the deadline for submission. The deadline has now been extended until end of day, Monday, 19th November.

For details of how and what to submit, see the Submit A Proposal page at PuneConnect.com. For more information about PuneConnect itself, see [the original Pune Connect call for applications[(http://puneconnect.com/puneconnect-2012-dec-1-apply-now/)

Remember, this event is absolutely free for all participants, so you have no excuse to not apply.

(Note: all those who have already submitted applications, you should have received an email acknowledgement. If you have not received an acknowledgement, please re-submit your proposal, or leave a comment on this post and we’ll get in touch with you.)

Here are some selected testimonials from companies that presented at PuneConnect 2011:

Anand Kekre, CEO and Co-founder of Vaultize

Overall it was a good experience in PuneConnect 2011. We got some publicity as well as used the “Best Startup” accolade and ET Now coverage in our marketing. […] I would recommend such events to all startups.

Saurabh Jain, Co-founder, Intellista Software Studios:

The PuneConnect experience was really helpful.


However, I thought the following were really helpful:

  1. Getting insightful feedback from many experienced and senior people from the Indian startup ecosystem – who have been there and done that. This is difficult to get for many young startups with few connections.
  2. We were short listed for the ETNow show – which as an interesting experience in itself 🙂 Taught us a few things on how to pitch, especially on the TV. The feedback by the judges helped too.
  3. We got to get the entire team out (even though it was just four of us) and everyone got to pitch and explain to other people what our product does. This is always helpful and provides good exposure to the team. And lets face it, how often do we get such chances?
  4. The format of the event was such that we did not have to spend a LOT of time preparing for it – maybe a couple of days. Which is always good – because you do not end up wasting time.

Overall, the event lived up to more than my expectations and we all had a great time.

Rahul Sawant, Director, BizPorto:

It was indeed excellent initial push for bizporto. One of the early recognition by 4 prominent organizations together gave us confidence to move ahead. Well, we couldn’t get into the ET Now session nevertheless the opportunity was big. The visibility through this event was big & it helped us networking with few industry dignitaries & we are getting an excellent guidance from them in running the business.

PuneConnect 2012: An event to connect Pune Startups to Enterprises – 1 Dec

After the huge success of PuneConnect 2011, we are back again with PuneConnect 2012, a mega event for Pune startups to showcase their products and services to the world at large, and specifically to larger companies in Pune. PuneConnect 2012 will be on 1st December 2012, and the idea behind the event is to allow the best startups in Pune a platform where they can find customers, mentors, business partners, affiliates amongst Pune’s established companies, and successful senior entrepreneurs.

PuneConnect is a joint initiative of Software Exporters Association of Pune (SEAP), TiE Pune, PuneStartups.org (POCC), PuneTech, and NASSCOM. SEAP and NASSCOM have large communities of established companies, and PuneStartups.org, TiE Pune and PuneTech represent thriving communities of Pune’s young startups. PuneConnect represents a one-of-its-kind activity that bridges the gap between the new companies and the established ones.

Any startup company from Pune or nearby areas, who has a product that they would like to demo, should submit a proposal by following the instructions at http://PuneConnect.com. A panel of selectors drawn from experts in the industry will select the most promising startups who will be allowed to set up a stall at PuneConnect on 1st December.

Benefits to selected startups include:

  • Exposure to Pune’s top companies, potential customers and potential mentors
  • Exposure to Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors who are being
    invited to the event
  • Press and media coverage before and after the event
  • Winners of the event get automatic entries to other country-level events (e.g. those organized by NASSCOM)

PuneConnect 2011 showcased 12 Pune startups. All the companies got a lot of exposure to potential customers, angel investors, VCs and media.

Media Coverage: The Financial Express, the Financial Chronicle, Business Standard, and the top Marathi newspapers Sakal and Maharashtra Times all carried detailed articles about PuneConnect and the companies. All 12 companies got mentions in various articles. One company, World Without Me, got a half-page article in Pune Mirror as a direct result of being featured in PuneConnect 2011.

Entries to other prestigious events: 4 of the selected companies (InnovizeTech, ReliScore, DroidCloud, and AdMogul) were selected to be featured on an episode ETNow TV Channel’s Starting Up show. 4 of the companies (kPoint, Vaultize, InnovizeTech and DroidCloud) were selected for participation in a national-level conference organized by Zinnov, where they got to demo their products to companies from all over India. Two of the companies (BizPorto, and InTouchId) went on to be a part of the TiE Pune Nurture Initiative where they got in-depth mentoring in becoming ready for funding.

Funding: DroidCloud (now known as AppSurfer) got an invitation to the SuperAngels show on the ETNow Channel as a direct result of being in PuneConnect 2011, and a chance to win Rs. 1 crore in funding on the show. AppSurfer actually went on to win the show and secure the funding.

If you’re interested

India’s Top IT Conference comes to Pune – NASSCOM Emergeout Conclave Pune – 12 Oct

(NASSCOM’s EmergeOut Conclave is one of the top conferences in the country for software companies, and for the first time this year it is coming to Pune. Although PuneTech normally does not promote paid events, we make exceptions for exceptional events, and this is one of them, and also because there is a 35% discount for PuneTech readers. See below for details.)

What to expect at the EmergeOut Conference

  • Keynote address by Industry stalwarts and new age successful entrepreneurs – including the IT Secretary of Maharashtra, Ganesh Natarajan CEO of Zensar, Hitesh Oberoi, CEO of Naukri.com, Jaspreet Singh, CEO of Druva.com, and Mahesh Murthy, co-founder of SeedFund
  • Series of workshops and high powered panel discussions – including how to cross 50cr in revenues (Anand Deshpande), Whitespaces in Cloud Technologies, Mobile Technologies, How can a small company make it big (Mukul Kumar, Pubmatic, Harbinger), Big Data and Analytics, Marketing, Sales, Social Media,
  • Showcase – Your Story: a showcase of the top IT startups in India
  • The Winners of the App Fame Contest

What is the EmergeOut Conference

The Indian IT Industry has been the poster boy success story of the new age India in the last two decades and continues to do so. The Emerge Community is one of the important pillars and back bone of any industry and more so in case of the IT Industry. These companies are more agile, hungry for success and ever ready to face challenges, of course all this comes with a handicap of size, financial constraint and competition, which makes the space more exciting for an entrepreneur.

The power of small is in being together. This one day conference will facilitate one on one interaction, share best practices, help you explore new opportunities and learn from others failures and success. The sessions and topics of the day are custom made for you to learn, benefit and contribute. More and more Indian companies are aspiring to join the Billion dollar club and are well on track on getting there. “Breaking the Glass Ceiling” and exploring beyond, forms the core theme of Emerge Out Pune.

Emerge Out Pune is all about participation of companies from the product, mobility, services space and beyond and offers a unique opportunity for organisations to collaborate and partner with the key stake holders. We have tried our best to package the day in a way that there is something and more for everyone to take away, as we know for an Emerge company, it is always “Yeh Dil Mange More”

For more details see the EmergeOut Pune website, the list of speaker profiles and the agenda

Registration and Fees

Here are the instructions for availing of the 35% discount for PuneTech readers:

  • Visit the registration page and click ‘Register Now’
  • Select your ‘Membership Category-Non Member’ and quantity
  • Fill the Discount Code (PTNPTECHEC050) for discounted rate in the field ‘Got a Discount Code’ and click ‘Register’
  • Complete the Form and Submit
  • Please make sure you should register before by 4th October, else this code will expire.

Showcase your App at NASSCOM Emerge AppFame Contest – Oct 12 Pune

Do you have a cool app that is making life of a customer easier, helping them save time and be more productive? Do you have an app which is enabling people to connect them to their family and friends – easily, and in a fun way to help them come closer? Is it desirable, usable and consumable? If yes, then here is the place for you.

NASSCOM would like to provide visibility to your application at the NASSCOM EMERGEOUT Forum. The conference will showcase the Top 8 mobile applications that are part of the ecosystem as game changers and provide recognition to them.

Last date for submission is 25th September, 2012. The finalists will be announced by 5th October 2012, after which the shortlisted contestants will have to showcase the same on the 12th of October during the Emergeout Conclave, Pune. For any queries, write to Darryl@nasscom.in.

Criterion for selection:

The eligible entries which match up to the criteria will be judged by our jury members, constituting of industry experts. An overview of the criteria is appended below:

  • Accessibility and Availability: What mobile platforms the
    application can successfully run?
  • Usability/Creativity: The application demonstrates superior user
    experience (UI, graphics, etc.) e.g. by leveraging the latest technologies.
  • Uniqueness/Novelty Value: Display creativity in applications, use
    established technology in a unique and innovative way, leverage the latest
    technologies, etc.
  • Market Potential: Size of target market for which the app is
    relevant and accessible. Potential to monetize.
  • Traction: Current downloads, revenue generated, partnerships for
    distribution etc.

Submission Requirement & Eligibility:

This Contest is open only to start-ups & EMERGE companies headquartered in India only. Register here

Call for Speakers / Demos – NASSCOM Game Developer Conference, Pune

The NASSCOM Game Developer Conference started as an experiment in 2009 to address the game developer community in India which grew into an independent 2 day conference in its 2nd year attended by more than 350 + delegates and fabulous talks, post mortems and panel discussions.

Now the 3rd edition is here; Scheduled on 11th – 12th November, 2011 in Pune due to high demand.

The call for speakers / presenters is open. You can give a talk, or you can pitch your game. Proposals are invited for the following tracks:

  • Game Programming
  • Art
  • Game Design
  • Production
  • Gaming Business
  • General

Games on all platforms are welcom: mobile, handheld, consoles, PC, web.

Apply to be a speaker by sending this form to Shruti Verma.

More details about the event are here

NASSCOM Showcase of Start-up Innovative Companies

What: NASSCOM Innovation Awards 2008 for Startups – Startup showcase and awards function
When: Tuesday, 23rd December, 10am to 3pm
Where: ICC Trade Towers, A Wing, hall no 5. Senapati Bapat Marg
Registration and Fees: This is free for all. No registration required.

Set off in 2004, the NASSCOM Innovation Awards 2008 will mark the fifth edition of the Awards. With several organizations realizing the value of Innovation and actively nurturing it, we are sure that the past year has been one where the Indian IT Industry has broken established precepts with path breaking ideas that have brought value to both its customers and itself. To continue their growth and to attain newer heights, Indian firms need to recognize the importance of “Innovation” for maintaining their competitive edge and driving further growth.

The NASSCOM Innovation Awards, currently in its fifth edition, is a key initiative by NASSCOM to highlight the true innovators in the Indian IT industry. Through this initiative, we hope that the award winners will provide a ‘light house’ effect and further spur the innovation movement in India.

On December 23rd, we will showcase start-up companies who have been short listed in the Business Innovation, Market Facing category for the NASSCOM Innovation Awards 2008. This category includes innovations made a company for go to market strategies, delivery models, methodologies etc to realize significant value to itself. This category also includes the creation of ‘new to the world’ or ‘new to the market’ technology that will help a customer realize value.

The Showcase session will include presentations by 6 short listed companies who through an interactive session will demonstrate the uniqueness of their product or services, new customer segments, business models, etc. Innovations in this area have typically a direct correlation with the revenue of a firm and have an impact on the firm’s markets. The other short listed companies can be accessed online at www.nasscom.in/innovation or at http://blog.nasscom.in/emerge/2008/12/08/finalists-for-nasscom-innovation-awards-2008-announced/

As an industry player and a leader of your organisation, we request you to participate at this interactive session and be part of the Indian IT industry’s innovation journey.

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How is the Indian IT industry handling the recession – facts and figures from NASSCOM

Ganesh Natarajan, CEO of Zensar, and President of NASSCOM, gave a talk last week about how the Indian IT/ITES industry is tackling the recession. It was full of facts and figures about the state of the industry, and the initiatives that are being taken by NASSCOM. This talk was given during the IndicThreads conference on Java technologies. I’ve already included this in my overall report on the IndicThreads Conference, but thought that it was interesting enough and important enough to warrant a post on its own.

The basic point he made was that we are not going to affected as badly as the rest of the world because of the following reasons:

  • We had already been tightening the belt for almost an year now, so we are in much better shape to handle the recession than those who weren’t being so prudent
  • We are creating new products, tackling new verticals, and focusing on end-to-end service (and these claims were all backed by facts and figures), and this diversification and added value makes us resilient

And he spent a lot of time pointing out that to do even better, or primary focus needs to be the tier 2 / tier 3 cities, 43 of which have been identified by NASSCOM and whose developement will get some attention. Also, our tier 2 / tier 3 colleges are sub-par and a lot of work is needed to improve the quality of students graduating from there. NASSCOM has started a number of initiatives to tackle this problem.

His full presentation with a whole bunch of interesting graphs, facts and figures from NASSCOM is here. Definitely worth checking out.

NASSCOM Product Forum, Pune (Thu, Sept 25)

What: NASSCOM Product Forum

When: Thursday, 25th September, 10am to 1pm

Where: MCCIA (Hall No.4), A Wing, MCCIA Trade Tower,5th Floor, ICC Complex, Senapati Bapat Road

Fees and Registration: This event is free for all. Please RSVP Paresh Degaonkar at paresh@nasscom.in  or call at 91 9850049251


The NASSCOM Event at Pune slated on Sept 25, 2008 will unveil “NASSCOM Software Product Study” and the announcement of “NASSCOM INTEL  Product Connect Initiative”.

The NASSCOM Software Product Business Study presents the findings of our latest research effort focused on the Indian software product business environment. It provides a comprehensive review of the Product Business History, market landscape; highlights the key opportunity areas; identifies enablers for growth and suggests some targeted actions that key stakeholders should undertake to enable the next phase of growth for Indian software product businesses.

The “NASSCOM – INTEL Product Connect Initiative” is a collaboration to contribute to the overall software ecosystem by empowering NASSCOM’s member companies (software vendors) to innovate and develop a commercially viable application for businesses or Consumers. Beginning with strategic planning and insights into Intel’s technology roadmaps, the support continues through product development and application enablement, and the cycle is completed by augmenting your marketing campaigns with downloadable marketing resources and access to the IntelÂŽ Business Exchange portal – to enable you to reach new customers worldwide, and gain access, on a selective basis, to the investment wing of Intel.

Who should attend:

  • CXOs of Product Companies
  • Incubation Centers
  • Product Managers
  • Product Architects
  • Investing Community
  • Entrepreneurs

To keep in touch with all interesting tech events happening in Pune, check out the PuneTech calendar.