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Entrepreneurial Visions—A Startup Event by Ideaspring Capital, 8 Jan

Persistent Systems, and Ideaspring Capital invite Innovators and Entrepreneurs in the Technology space for a startup event on how best to ideate, innovate and implement. AGENDA 4:00PM | Registration 4:30PM | Welcome Address by Dr. Anand Deshpande 4:35PM | Why India is prime for product innovation (Talk + Q&A) by Sharad Sharma 5:05PM | Ideaspring […]

How (and why) to bootstrap your own startup

I am liveblogging the Pune OpenCoffee Club saturday meetup, where we are discussing how to bootstrap your startup. We have invited three speakers who have experience with both bootstrapping a startup and VC funding: Anand Soman, Tarun Malaviya,  and Shridhar Shukla.  The following is a quick-n-dirty capture of some of the discussion that happened. This is not intended […]