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Can we use technology to solve some of Pune’s problems?

Unmesh Mayekar urges the community to start a series on PuneTech where everyday problems (plaguing Pune) are taken and an attempt is made to address them using technology.

PuneTech editorial policy – biased, and proud of it!

On a recent article, an anonymous commenter castigated us thus: This posts comes across as a promotion of a person more than his views/contributions or even his blog. Please be objective in future such promotions (a disclaimer, e.g. he is not paying or otherwise doing any favors to PuneTech to promote him, would also help). […]

Editorial Policy

This note lays out the editorial policy for PuneTech.com, to help the community understand what goes up on the site, and why.

Introducing PuneTech Video – your feedback needed

We are now experimenting with an additional format for PuneTech updates – short video clips hosted on YouTube. Almost since the time PuneTech started, people have been suggesting to us that we should use video. Finally, something clicked last week, and we decided to take the plunge and start it on an experimental basis. Our […]

How to increase community participation in the Pune tech scene? Best suggestion wins a proto.in pass

Suggest various ways in which Pune’s tech community scene can be made even more rocking that it already is, and win a proto.in pass.

The PuneTech SMS Reminder Service – Get event reminders on your mobile

Have you ever forgotten about an interesting tech event in Pune, and then regretted the fact that you did not attend it? PuneTech is pleased to announce the Free PuneTech Event Reminder SMS service that will send you reminders about tech events in Pune one day before. Basically, this is a Google SMS channel, where […]

PuneTech’s April Fools Prank – Pune handling recession better than Bangalore

Following in the footsteps of such respected media houses as the BBC and the Guardian, PuneTech yesterday played an April Fools’ Day prank on its readers. Click here if you cannot see the video above. It’s different from yesterday’s news clip. We claimed that Pune is expecting growth in revenues in spite of the recession, […]