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Event: Applications of Machine Learning – with @BMCSoftware, @Helpshift, @Sokrati, @Pubmatic – 5 July

HasGeek has arranged a day-long set of talks on the Applications of Machine Learning on 5th July, in Pune.

This should be a great event, and a must attend for anyone in Pune who has even a passing interest in machine learning and advanced technologies. Not only are the talks from a very diverse set of domains, giving you an idea of different ways in which machine learning can be used, but the set of speakers who’re talking are from some of Pune’s most interesting companies: Helpshift, Sokrati, Pubmatic, AlgoAnalytics, BMC.

The event is on 5th July, from 11am to 5pm, at Thoughtworks Pune. Please register now because the venue has limited seating, and I am sure with the topic selected and the quality of talks and speakers, the event will be overbooked. (In fact, if we manage to overbook the event soon, we can try to get the organizers to shift the event to a bigger venue…)

Here are the details of the talks

Grouping similar messages using Topic modeling

In machine learning and natural language processing, a topic model is a type of statistical model for discovering abstract “topics” that occur in a collection of documents. At Helpshift, we get a lot of customer support messages. We use topic modelling and more specifically the Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA), to classify similar message automatically based on messages. These grouped messages can be processed by the CS personnel making them more efficient.
This talk will cover Helpshift’s experience and the challenges in using LDA for grouping similar messages without any prior knowledge.

Speaker – Vinayak Hegde

Vinayak Hegde is VP of Engineering at Helpshift. In the past, he has worked at Inmobi, Akamai and Microsoft.

Twitter: @vinayakh

The Cookie as a Customer: An E-commerce Perspective

In the brick and mortar days, the shopkeeper interacted with a live human customer with appearance, expressions and behavioural traits. These attributes influenced the way the shopkeeper pitched his goods. Flip to the current e-commerce world where you are interacting with a cookie which was dropped when a customer visited your website. How does an e-commerce store know the appearance, expressions and behavioural traits of a customer? Based on those characteristics, how does the sales pitch change? Where do these conversations happen?
In this session, Rahul Kulkarni demonstrates with real-world examples how big data from cookies translates into appearance, expressions and behavioural traits of the customer, and most importantly how these are used to make a killer sales pitch for the customer.

Speaker – Rahul Kulkarni

Rahul Kulkarni is the CPO of Sokrati and has been ex-Googler. Linkedin

Application of Machine Learning for Financial Markets prediction

This session covers case studies which use some of the classical as well as cutting-edge machine learning algorithms. Due to ill-conditioning and noisy nature of financial data, there are some unique characteristics of this problem that we will focus on. Robustness of modelling methodology, averaging of models, identifying what is true improvement in prediction accuracy versus over-fitting become some of the serious issues people will need look into.

Speaker – Aniruddha Pant

Aniruddha Pant is the founder and CEO of AlgoAnalytics. LinkedIn

Machine Learning in Online Advertising Domain

In online advertising domain, there are various players which play a different role working on behalf of either publisher or advertiser, directly or indirectly. These players interact with each other in real-time to select the best advertisement optimizing their individual goals. Sreekanth Vempati will present key optimization and real-time impression allocation challenges solved using Machine Learning by different players in the advertising echo system.
As a part of this talk, he will present broadly about PubMatic’s work with Machine Learning and their applications. Specifically, Sreekanth will show some of the Machine Learning applications in online advertising domain, showcasing some of the problems that are being solved in PubMatic.

Speaker – Sreekanth Vempati

Sreekanth Vempati is the Team Lead of Machine Learning & Algorithms at PubMatic. LinkedIn

Text Analytics helping IT management get smarter

In this talk, Nilesh Phadke will discuss Text Analytics and how it can be used for better IT management. The talk will cover an Introduction to Text Analytics, going over the basics of what is meant by Text Analytics followed by some of the key techniques involved in Text Analytics and how these techniques can be used to improve IT management solutions.

Speaker – Nilesh Phadke

Nilesh Phadke is the Lead Product Developer at BMC Incubator Lab. He is working on using machine learning techniques for solving problems in the ITSM domain. Linkedin

Fees and Registration

This event is free and open for anybody to attend. Please register here: https://fifthelephant.in/2014/machine-learning-pune

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Call for Papers/Tutorials: CMG India Conference on Computer Performance Engineering

CMG India (Computer Measurement Group) is a group of performance management and capacity management professionals and students in the software industry.

The first annual conference of CMG India will be held in Pune on December 12 and 13. Last year, CMG India had a half day conference in Pune and that was quite successful.

The [call for papers][cmg2104cfp] or tutorials for the CMG 2014 conference is open currently – but it closes on 30th June, so hurry, only 12 days left.

The conference is looking for original submissions of real life experiences, (research) work in progress, tutorials in the following areas:

  • Performance Engineering of IT Systems: Design, Development, and Production System Management
  • Performance & Capacity Modelling
  • Big Data Performance Engineering
  • Cloud Performance Engineering
  • Mobile Systems Performance
  • In Memory Computing: Design and Optimization
  • High Performance Computing
  • Large System Architecture & Design for Performance

For more details of format and what is expected, see the call for papers.

This promises to be a high quality conference – the organizing and program committees consist of people from TCS (TRDDC), Cisco, IIT-Bombay, Intel, Persistent, Accenture, Microsoft and more.

For more details see the CMG India website, the CMG India First Annual Conference 2014 website, and the FAQ for the conference.

Call for Proposals: Deccan Ruby Conference July 2014

The Deccan Ruby Conference, the first of its name, will be held in Pune on 19 July 2014, at the Hyatt Regency in Pune.

The call for talk proposals is now open, and will remain open until 5th June.

Submitting a talk proposal is the first step towards making this conference a big success, and in general making Pune’s active tech scene even more awesome.

If you have any question, write to the organizers at team@deccanrubyconf.org

About the Conference

Ruby is fun and this is our idea of having fun while organising a conference. A one-day, single-track conference that starts early and ends late! The conference boasts of workshops and talks for both beginners and experts, a lavish party at a local brewery and a potential Futsal tournament among conference attendees! (After all the World Cup finals would have been just a week earlier). For people staying on till Sunday, we plan to organise a trip to Sinhagad (a fort near Pune that has some pristine scenery and a rich history that will leave you speechless). A good easy 1 hour trek for those who want more than just some football.

“Hou De Karcha” (Let there be expense)

Ticket sales for those interested in just attending the conference are now open, and at the time this article is written, you can still get early bird prices:

  • Early bird tickets will go at Rs. 1,150
  • Standard tickets will be at Rs. 1,850.

“Hou De Shikshan” (Let there be education)

Pune being a student city (yes – there are about 150 colleges just inside the City!), in a very unique way, we are allowing Companies to sponsor students while getting access to hiring budding Rubyists. Read more about this in the Sponsorship Prospectus!

“Hou De Tota” (Let there be loss)

Welcome sponsors! More details in the Sponsorship Prospectus but here are the sponsor slabs:

  • Lai Bhari: Rs. 1,00,001
  • Bhari: Rs. 40,001
  • Abhari: Rs. 12,501

Note: Do not miss the 1 Re. “shagun” (good luck).

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Startup Conference TiECON Pune 2014 – 12 April; with keynote by Rajiv Bajaj

TiECON Pune 2014, the second TiE Pune conference aims to bring together entrepreneurs, investors and industry, foster generation and discussion of entrepreneuri
al ideas, and develop a sustainable entrepreneurial infrastructure within Pune.

TiECON Pune will be held in Westin Pune, from 9am to 6pm on 12th April. Click here to register – before tomorrow 15th March to avail of the early bird discount. (Use the coupon code TiE-PuneTech to get a discount.)

Check out the agenda for the event. Highlights: 40+ Speakers, including a Keynote by Rajiv Bajaj.

Why Attend?

At TiECon Pune 2014 chances are you’ll come face to face with business’ leaders, entrepreneurs & industry luminaries. It will be a great opportunity to hear & interact with industry experts and explore:

  • New frontiers for the entrepreneurial journey
  • New enablers and support systems
  • New markets for seeking success

Stay connected and we’ll update you as soon as registrations open.

Who Should Attend

Entrepreneurs are passion-people. This event is for these passionate individuals. You could be passionate about technology, services, mobile, consumers, internet or engineering. But if you’re passionate about the future – you should be here.

Fees and Registration

The charges for the event range from Rs. 1599 for early bird TiE Pune members, to 3000+ for non-member late birds. If you’re not a TiE Pune member, you can use the code “TiE-PuneTech” to get a discount as a “Member of Supporting Organization”. The early bird discount ends on 15 March (tomorrow).

Register here

NASSCOM Product Conclave Pune 5th March (Early Bird Discount up to 21 Feb)

NASSCOM Product Conclave is a day long conference focusing on Indian Software Product companies happening on 5th March. However, those interested should keep in mind that the early bird discount on registration ends on 21st Feb (tomorrow).

Here’s a description of the event from NASSCOM’s website:

It’s a great time to be a Product Entrepreneur in India with the buzz in domestic markets, increased interest in Indian start-ups by overseas investors and withmany fold improvement in infrastructure, India has become an attractive ground to breed start-ups. NASSCOM 10k Project is aimed at helping 10,000 start-ups to germinate & grow in India

NASSCOM Product Conclave 2013 at Bangalore, in October last year was a great success and a true show of strength by the Indian software products industry. The event spread over three days saw high voltage, adrenalin pumping, action filled activities involving more than 1400 software development practitioners interacting, learning and sharing. NPC2013 had 180+ speakers, many of them stars/super achievers in their own field including Nandan Nilekani, Rahul Sood, Rajan Anandanwho shared their experiences with an eager audience. It was a carnival of fresh thinking, innovation and match-making. After the huge success of NPC2013 and on the demand of the industry, NASSCOM is pleased to announce NPC West at Pune, a full day of excitement, knowledge share, networking and setting up agenda for the future of Indian product industry. NPC Pune is planned on March 05, 2014 and will be attended by star speakers from the Product Industry, VCs,Practicing Entrepreneurs, Consultants.

The focus of NPC Pune is to set a stage for Indian start-ups and emerging companies to access knowledge & support available in the ecosystem on building their markets, create performing teams and secure funding. People’ s Choice Awards showcasing Top 10 Products in the NASSCOM Emerge category will also be announced during NPC Pune. You can take advantage of workshops on Digital Marketing, B2B Sales planning and Product Design. NPC Pune will see a turnout of around 400 delegates and aline up of software Product industry, VC industry& Entrepreneur Speakers. We will also bring you the softer touch with an interesting speaker from outside the industry.This NASSCOM Product Conclave is being held in Pune, a strategic hub of Indian Product Start-ups. We wish to encourage all companies located in the region to participate and take advantage of interacting with some of the super achievers in the Indian Products arena.

Check out the NPC 2014 website for details on the speakers, agenda, venue.

Fees and Registration

This is a paid event, and the early bird fees are Rs 1500 for members, 2000 for non-members, and the full fees are Rs. 2000 and 2500 respectively. A special startup fee of Rs. 1000 only applies to companies with annual revenues of less than 1 crore, and which have existed for less than 3 years pay only Rs. 1000.

Please register here: http://www.nasscom.in/npc-pune/registration

Startup Showcase PuneConnect on 23 November – Apply Now

PuneConnect 2013 invites all startups from Pune or nearby areas to apply for a chance to showcase their products at to larger companies in Pune, on 23rd November 2013, at Hyatt (Ista) Pune. This event is free for all participants. If you are unsure of whether this event is appropriate for you or not, please go ahead and apply, and our selection committee will figure out whether you’re a good fit or not.

The idea of PuneConnect is to connect established Pune companies with the innovative startups on their doorstep. The hardest thing for a startup is to find early adopters that give them the credibility and experience that they require, and we believe that Pune’s established base of leading edge companies in Software, IT Services, KPOs and Engineering are the perfect early customers.  We want to make sure that a thousand innovative startups bloom in Pune’s Silicon Valley safe in the knowledge that there is a deep and caring ecosystem close to home to serve as mentors, customers, and as angel investors.  And for all of our established companies, the inflow of new ideas and technologies that these startups bring into our offices help to refresh us, energize us, and to make us even more ready for the global stage.

PuneConnect 2013 builds on the success of PuneConnect 2011 and PuneConnect 2012. See an Overview of PuneConnect 2011 Results and Media Coverage to get an idea of the benefits reaped by the startups selected last year (including getting funded, getting featured on TV, getting invited to national conferences, and newspaper articles.)

Benefits to selected startups include:

  • Exposure to Pune’s top companies, potential customers and potential mentors
  • Exposure to Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors who are being invited to the event
  • Press and media coverage before and after the event
  • Winners of the event get automatic entries to other country-level events (e.g. those organized by NASSCOM)

PuneConnect is an initiative of:

SEAP (Software Exporters Association of Pune)
PuneStartups Logo
PuneStartups.org (Pune Open Coffee Club)
punetech Logo
tie pune logo
TiE Pune
mccia logo
HIA Pune Logo
Hinjewadi Industries Association

TechForSeva: Technology for the Bottom-of-the-Pyramid: 2-day-conference

VijnanaBharati.org, Seva Sahyog, Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Sanstha (MKSSS) and MCCIA, are pursuing a new initiative called Tech for Seva under the leadership of stalwarts like Dr. Anil Kakodkar, Dr F C Kohli, Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar, Dr. Jagannath Wani, Dr. Vijay Bhatkar and many more.

Tech for Seva is a platform allowing academic & research institutions, individual & corporate innovators, NGOs & grass root operators to come together on a common platform and share their success stories and problems that need scientific solutions to help the bottom of the pyramid of our country to share the fruits of development.

Please visit the web site for more details.

This is a two day conference in Pune on 28th & 29th September 2013 where all the three stakeholders i.e. innovators, corporates & NGOs will jointly share their success stories, problems and will try to come up with some partnership proposals.

This platform will be an ongoing activity even after the conference is over and will be monitored by a special task force set up by Tech for Seva.

The topics chosen for deliberations / presentation are education, health,livelihood and environment.

The topic of Environment is further classified as energy, water, waste management and bio-diversity.

A grand expo, “Padma Vibhushan Dr.Verghese Kurien Expo”, student competition, “IET TFS Student Competition of Innovative Ideas”, and Leadership dinner will be major highlights of the conference.

In TFS expo individuals/institutes/VOs/NGOs/corporates will showcase their equipments, prototypes, models, products, processes and information about the schemes/programs, success stories, etc. for the delegates and other stake holders.

Event website: http://techforseva.org

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RailsGirls Pune – The Gold and the Beautiful

(This event report of RailsGirls Pune – a one-day conference for women working on Ruby-on-Rails, first appeared on the Josh Software Blog, and is reproduced here with permission for the benefit of PuneTech readers.)

I was skeptical! Just from my experience of organizing RubyConf India and some local meetups, I was sure the turnout would be low and the event would be ‘casually boring’. If only I knew how crazily wrong I was!

A few days before the event, seeing about 250 registrations was itself a revelation. Then the turnout of over a 100 girls was exhilarating to say the least. I mean, how often does one get a chance to address a crowd at a techie event with ‘Hello Ladies!’. I am indeed lucky.

RailsGirlsJosh Software was one of the sponsors along with ThoughtWorks and CodeIgnition. It was great to see a LOT of mentors turn up for the event — which in my opinion was one of the success factors of Rails Girls Pune – EVERYONE got attention and there was never a case where someone was sitting idle or looking around for help.

The demographics of the crowd was varied – quite a few girls had come down to Pune for this event, some even travelling most of the night to get here!. There were a lot of girls with a prior technical background but none in Ruby. And there were 5 people who were entirely new to programming and they too managed to code, gleefully if I may add! It’s not often you get to hear an artist talk about controllers and methods. 🙂


One good cultural change that stood out was the kids running around an event with their dad’s baby-sitting them while the mom’s coded!

Proceedings were kick-started off  by Gunjan from ThoughtWorks. She spoke about Women in Technology and Leadership and why such events are so important for everyone.


After a brief introduction from other sponsors, all participants were divided among various tables and each table was assigned a mentor, though I saw at least 2 or 3 mentors at each table. Everyone was eager to help and answer questions.

RailsGirls3As the mentors were aware of the RailsGirls teaching process, it started of with getting familiar tryruby.org before moving on to other things like BentoBox and explaining basic concepts of Rails. Before long, everyone was busy working hard!

There were lot’s of discussions happening amidst kids running around, regular trips for getting more coffee or tea or some snacks. Before long, it was time for lunch and a breather.

chickendanceThoughtWorks organized an awesome lunch and after lunch, it required more than just Ruby to shake everyone up. What better than a ChikenDance for 5 minutes that started slow with a little bit of shyness among the audience but reached a crescendo with everyone joining in!



lighteningtalkThere were three Lightening Talks to get the crowd back into the coding groove. I spoke about why we love Ruby with the talk ”My Grandmother can read my code“.  Praveena  gave a talk on “Perks of being a Programmer” and Nishita gave a talk about “How the Internet works!”.

The afternoon was one busy session and everywhere you went, you heard only about Controllers, Scaffold, Bootstrap etc. – music to my ears!

Towards the end of the session, we had some participants showcase their work after uploading on Heroku. A few mentions of some really good work are  http://vast-mesa-2265.herokuapp.com/ideas and http://shrouded-cove-2185.herokuapp.com/

mentorsThe mentors did a wonderful job and got a lot of appreciation from all. Well, at the end of the day, a lot of people mad new friends. (Do not miss the “I <3 Matz” on the bottom right corner of the photo!)

Anup and Prathamesh wound up proceedings with introducing everyone to Pune Ruby User Group and after the prolonged networking that ensued, everyone called it a day and probably slept the night dreaming of instance variables!

A special thanks to Shilpa Nair and Hephzibah who did a wonderful job organizing RailsGirls. Hope to see more of these events soon. Do like the Rails Girls Facebook Page  and show your appreciation!

Credenz’13 : 3-day tech fest at PICT College 30 Aug-1 Sept

Credenz is the annual technical symposium organised by the PICT IEEE Student Branch. With 4000+ students from 50 different colleges attending, it is one of the top student tech fests, not only in the city, but in the country too.

Credenz this year will be from 30 August to 1st September.

From the Credenz website:

Inaugurated in 2004, with an aim to celebrate talent, it has prospered to become one of the finest technical events in the country. Credenz not only infuses a competitive spirit among participants, but it also provides an informative edge through various seminars and workshops conducted by eminent industry professionals. Participants get to experience a diversity of events like Clash, Bplan, Roboliga, WebWeaver, Pixelate, Mad Talks and seminars on recent technologies.

The IEEE Student branch at PICT has always believed in encouraging students to think beyond the academic domain and challenge their potential. The team changed the entire face of Credenz in the year 2009 when the entire event was hosted online due to the pandemic swine flu, which had made social gatherings impossible. Following the legacy, their juniors made Credenz’10 a great success. Now the PICT IEEE Student Branch presents to you Credenz’13 with an even wider platform to let students showcase their skills and talents.

More Info about Credenz 2013:

There is also an online software/app development contest that you can participate in right now

For full information, see the Credenz Website

National Conference on Cyber Security – focus: Defense & other Govt Agencies

The Defense sub-committee of MCCIA Pune has organized a national conference on Cyber Security, with the intention of bringing together people/companies who are interested in working in the area of cyber security with the key policy and decision makers from defense, police, and other government bodies. Should be a great conference for CEOs/CTOs/Domain experts interested in working with the Indian Government in the area of cyber security.

The conference is a 1-day conference, on 26th July, at MCCIA, SB Road Pune. Register here


Cyber warfare is emerging as the new dimension in warfare and cyber security is attracting lot of attention globally. Impact of problems in this domain is felt across all sectors including defence, governmental institutions, industries and commercial organizations and many others. Interactions and learning from collective experience is one of the best ways to prepare for meeting these challenges. The main propose is to initiate interactions and dialogue between users and practitioners from Armed Forces as well as IT and ITES companies and experts on cyber security.

Needless to mention that this topic has gained prominence in the recent times and Government of India has appreciated the importance and the need to seek private sector participation in this vital area of National Security. You would therefore appreciate the importance attached to this event for creating the much desired awareness among the private sector to support this endeavour of the Government in general and the Defence Forces in particular. A small concurrent exhibition is also being organised for industry to display their capabilities.


  • Innaugural Session
  • Technical Session – I: Cyber Warfare And Cyber Security – Defence And Homeland Security Domains
  • Technical Session – II: – Systems And Processes As Defence Against Cyber Threats
  • Technical Session – III: Equipment And Solutions Canvass For Cyber Security
  • Technical Session – IV: Armed Forces And Civilian Cooperation Models
  • Valedictory Session

Program Facilitators:

Senior officers from services HQs, Army CERT, DIARA, HQ Southern Command, DRDO, DGQA, MCTE and other relevant establishments. Also senior officials from Police, IB, NTRO & CRPF for participation. There will also be a substantive participation from civil cyber security fraternity.

Who Should Attend

The conference will offer an excellent opportunity for those who are interested / working in the vital domain of cyber security to hear and interact with key decision makers and policy makers from Defence and government agencies about national policies and perspective plans. These plans will necessitate participation and cooperation between government, Defence and civilian experts whether for equipment and systems, training or enforcement

Fees and Registration

This event is open for anybody to attend, and costs Rs. 2000 (1500 for MCCIA members). Please register here