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Wikipedia 10th Anniversary Celebrations in Pune – 3 Events

15th January 2011 is the 10th Anniversary of the launch of Wikipedia. To celebrate, the wikipedians in the city have organized three events: two events this weekend, and then the “main” event on 15th January. The events are as follows:

Marathi Wikipedia meetup

8th January, 1830 – 2000 hrs, SICSR,
Atur Centre, Model Colony. Room No 704. 7th floor
Basic idea is to discuss contributions to the Marathi Wikipedia. Mandar Kulkarni is coordinating.

Pune photothon – Pune loves Wikimedia Commons

09 Jan 2011, 9 AM at Shaniwar Wada gate.
All interested photographers meet there.
The basic idea is to take photographs which will be uploaded to Wikipedia (technically, they will be uploaded to the Wikimedia Commons.) Sudhanwa Jogalekar is coordinating.

Wikipedia 10th Anniversary Celebrations Main Event

This event will on 15 Jan, 6:30pm, in room 707, 7th Floor, SICSR, Model Colony.

The schedule is as follows:

  • Presentation on Wikipedia (ten minutes)
  • Short talk on Marathi Wikipedia (ten minutes).
  • Short talk on 7th Ornithology Course’s contribution to Wikipedia with Uploading of the three improved articles on Indian Birds (ten minutes).
  • Talk on contribution to Wikimedia Commons with symbolic upload of two photographs, one each of two TFs – Wikimedia Commons loves Pune, and
    Hill-forts of Maharashtra (ten minutes).
  • Talk on contribution made by TEDxPUNE’s event for college students on 15 Jan 2011 (ten minutes).
  • Hallmark address by Mr Barry Newstead from Wikimedia Foundation.
  • Vote of thanks.
  • Refreshments.

All the above events are free for all to attend. No registration is required.

Pune IT Milan Seminar – An introduction to IT for college (FY/SY) students

Every year, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh organizes the Pune IT Milan Seminar, a two day program for college students (first and second year students of any degree course – not necessarily Computer Science or Info Tech courses). Many of the talks are in Marathi or Hindi, so that students who are not yet completely comfortable in English can also benefit. There are competitions, overview talks, and discussions on how to go about learning any topic or skill in today’s connected world, and on specific areas like web development, mobile development, sysadmin and networking.

See the full schedule for more details.

The event is on Saturday, 8th January, 2pm-6pm, and continues on Sunday, 9th January, from 8am to 1:30pm. It will be at “Motibag”, Shaniwar Peth. There’s an entry fee of Rs. 50 (which includes a snack and lunch). Register here if you’re interested in attending.

Adding FUEL to the Marathi Localization Fire: PLUG Meeting – June 6

FUEL (Frequently Used Entries for Localization) is an open source project for streamlining the process of translating open source software into regional languages like Hindi and Marathi. We’ve had two major FUEL Marathi meetings recently – one in the GNUnify conference, and later in the Indlinux conference. Based on this, the Pune Linux Users Group decided to continue this work by with the aim being apart from the current active members in Marathi L10N,  find and get more persons from different walks, to participate in Marathi L10N activities. While that being the broader goal, the starting point activity will be standardizing on Marathi translations in FUEL, after which more localization work could be done, depending on resources and level of interest.

With this in mind, all those interested in contributing to this initiative (i.e. all those who can contribute to the Marathi translation project (also known as Localisation or L10N)) are invited to attend the FUEL Marathi meeting on Saturday 6th June, 6pm, at Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research (SICSR), 7th floor, Atur Center, Model Colony, Pune, India (Map). The meeting is free and open for all. No registration required. The meeting will be held immediately after the Pune Linux Users Group monthly meeting, which is from 4 to 6pm. (The PLUG monthly meeting is held on the first Saturday of every month in the same place and at the same time. It’s a good place to meet the most enthusiastic Linux and open source fans in Pune.)

The meeting will discuss the following points:

1. Current status of Marathi localisation: How, why, where, what etc.
2. FUEL activities. How to take it further.
3. Marathi word collection for adding in dictionaries. Validation/verification of these words. (Shantanu Oak has a big repository that needs to be reviewed/verified/corrected and included in dictionaries)
4. Spell check and other related applications/tools
5. Generating new words for various technical English words.
5. Usage of unicode by various categories of users- especially the DTP, book publications community.
6. Pushing Unicode from the Government to the users.
7. etc. etc. etc.  add here…. etc etc etc.

This is not just an “open source” or “Linux” activity. This is for those interested in seeing good Marathi translations of software and is generic to all the computing systems. Please inform other like minded people and groups so that we have enough people at the meeting to give a boost to Marathi l10n activities.

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