Web applications from the ground up, by Mitchell Tannenbaum

What: Talk on “Web applications from the ground up” by Mitchell Tannenbaum, organized by Pune Linux Users group, and SICSR
When: Monday, Feb 8, 2pm
Where: SICSR
Registration and Fees: Free for all to attend. No registration required


This talk will cover web applications from a few different angles, starting with what they are and how they are commonly used; this will be a kind of quick behind the scenes look as well a tour of common use cases. Then it will look deeper into building them using two frameworks, Drupal and Django. This will help those of you who are interested in starting new projects and are not yet familiar with some of the available tools.

Next, a look closer at the different projects you can use to assemble your full stack. These are the underlying components of web applications; the most common configuration is called LAMP: Linux Apache MySQL and PHP. However we’ll also cover alternative web servers, database engines, and scripting languages, notably: nginx, SQLite, and Python.

Finally, get some hands on experience with modular development and middleware to see how web applications can be used in all types of environments. This demonstration will illustrate the power of effective and efficient web application programming and how any environment can benefit.

About the speaker – Mitchell Tannenbaum

Mitchell Tannenbaum is a Social theorist and Software architect. Mitchell recently finished his studies at University of Florida where he also worked at the Advanced Computing and Information Systems Lab on distributed systems at various layers. His current technology related activities are with team based software development for cultural growth and economic liberation using free web applications married with virtualization. Also check out Mitchell’s profile on drupal.org

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