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Pune’s KQInfoTech is porting Sun’s ZFS File-System to Linux

Pune-based KQInfoTech is working on porting Sun‘s ZFS file-system to the Linux Platform. ZFS is arguably one of the best file-systems available today, and Linux is one of the most widely used operating systems for servers by new startups. So, having ZFS available on Linux would be great. And, With many years of experience in Veritas building VxFS, another one of best file-systems in the world, the founders of KQInfoTech do have the technical background to be able to do a good job of this. Check out the full announcement on their blog:

We have a ZFS building as a module and the following primitive operations are possible.

  • Creating a pool over a file (devices not supported yet)
  • Zpool list, remove
  • Creating filesystems and mounting them

But we are still not at a stage, where we can create files and read and write to them

See the full article, for more details and some interesting issues related to the license compatibility between ZFS and Linux.

About KQInfoTech

Pune-based KQInfoTech is an organization started by Anurag Agarwal and Anand Mitra, both of whom chucked high-paying jobs in the industry because they felt that there was a desperate need to work on the quality of students that is being churned out by our colleges. For the 2 years or so, they have been trying various experiements in education, at the engineering college level. All their experiments are based on one basic premise: students’ ability to pay should not be a deterrent – in other words, the offerings should be free for the students; KQInfoTech focuses on finding alternative ways to pay for the costs of running the course. See all PuneTech articles related to KQInfoTech for more details.

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CSI Pune Lecture: The Evolution of the Open Source Movement – Sept 16th


What: CSI Pune Lecture on the evolution of the open source movement by Atul Kahate
When: Wednesday, 16th September, 6:30pm-8:00pm
Where: Dewang Mehta Auditorium, Persistent, S.B. Road
Registration and Fees: Free for CSI members; Rs. 50 for students & Persistent employees; others Rs. 100. Register here

The evolution of the open source movement:
Open source software is getting very prominent in the last few years, and is increasingly seen as the future. To truly appreciate the power of this, we need to understand its background. How and where did this whole concept of open source evolve? What were closed systems like? It is a roller-coaster journey with plenty of amazing stories and anecdotes. Apart from this, what are the commercial, legal, and other angles of open source software? This session would cover all these aspects.

  • How and where did this whole concept of open source evolve? (Evolution of “closed” systems)
  • Milestones in closed systems history
  • UNIX, C, and the beginnings
  • Richard Stallman and the Open Source Movement
  • Linus Torvalds and Linux
  • The Browser War
  • What is Open Source – The Commercial, Legal, and the Business angle
  • Future of Open Source

About the Speaker – Atul Kahate

Atul Kahate has over 14 years of experience in Information Technology in India and abroad in various capacities. He has done his Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics and his Master of Business Administration in Computer Systems. He has authored 23 highly acclaimed books on technology and cricket published by Tata McGraw-Hill, Pearson Education, and Rajhans Publications on various areas of Information Technology (including editions), titled Web Technologies – TCP/IP to Internet Application Architectures, Cryptography and Network Security, Fundamentals of Computers, Information Technology and Numerical Methods, Foundations of Information Technology, Operating Systems and Systems Programming, Operating Systems, Computer Communication Networks, Introduction to Database Management Systems, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, and Schaum’s Series Outlines – Programming in C++, XML and Related Technologies. Two of these are published as international editions worldwide by McGraw-Hill and also been translated into Chinese. He has also co-authored a book in Marathi titled IT t ch jayachay (I want to enter into IT). Several of his books are being used as course textbooks or sources of reference in a number of universities/colleges/IT companies all over the world.

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Mentor India internship in system programming – Entrance exam on 20th July

Click on this icon to see all PuneTech articles related to tech education in Pune
Click on this icon to see all PuneTech articles related to tech education in Pune

Pune-based KQInfoTech is an organization started by Anurag Agarwal and Anand Mitra, both of whom chucked high-paying jobs in the industry because they felt that there was a desperate need to work on the quality of students that is being churned out by our colleges. For the 2 years or so, they have been trying various experiements in education, at the engineering college level. All their experiments are based on one basic premise: students’ ability to pay should not be a deterrent – in other words, the offerings should be free for the students; KQInfoTech focuses on finding alternative ways to pay for the costs of running the course.

This week, KQInfotech launches the second edition of “Mentor India: An Internship Program in System Programming”,  for the people looking for making a career in the system programming.

It is a program in “Gurukul” tradition of education. There are two unique features of this program.

  • Cost: Your education does not depend on your capacity to pay. Not only your education is free, you also get stipend during this program.
  • Work experience: You are also getting real industry work experience during your education. During this course, you will get one year worth industry experience.

Does working in Linux Kernel, writing device drivers for Unix and Windows, writing system level programs that interacts closely with operating system interests you? But you don’t have right skill sets for this.

KQInfotech is lead by people who have spend decades working in the area of file system, kernel programming, Linux kernel etc. They are ready to educate you in “Art of System Programming”. Are you ready for all the hard and interesting work required?

It is a unique post graduate program for one year, which would provide you education as well as work experience. This program will cover Unix internals, Linux kernel programming, Multi-threading, Windows internals, Writing device drivers etc.

Please visit www.kqinfotech.com/mentoring/ for more details.

Candidates for this course will be selected based on an entrance exam and interview.
Entrance will be based on C, Data Structure, O/S concepts and aptitude test.

Entrance Exam details:
Date: 20th July
Time: 10:00 AM
Duration: 90 Minutes
Venue: A-201, Mitrangan, Near Kapil Malhar, Baner Road, Baner, Pune 411045
Email: mentoring@kqinfotech.com

If you’re interested please fill the Online Registration Form for Entrance Exam.

Check out previous PuneTech articles on KQInfoTech. You might also be interested in the techstart program.

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Adding FUEL to the Marathi Localization Fire: PLUG Meeting – June 6

FUEL (Frequently Used Entries for Localization) is an open source project for streamlining the process of translating open source software into regional languages like Hindi and Marathi. We’ve had two major FUEL Marathi meetings recently – one in the GNUnify conference, and later in the Indlinux conference. Based on this, the Pune Linux Users Group decided to continue this work by with the aim being apart from the current active members in Marathi L10N,  find and get more persons from different walks, to participate in Marathi L10N activities. While that being the broader goal, the starting point activity will be standardizing on Marathi translations in FUEL, after which more localization work could be done, depending on resources and level of interest.

With this in mind, all those interested in contributing to this initiative (i.e. all those who can contribute to the Marathi translation project (also known as Localisation or L10N)) are invited to attend the FUEL Marathi meeting on Saturday 6th June, 6pm, at Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research (SICSR), 7th floor, Atur Center, Model Colony, Pune, India (Map). The meeting is free and open for all. No registration required. The meeting will be held immediately after the Pune Linux Users Group monthly meeting, which is from 4 to 6pm. (The PLUG monthly meeting is held on the first Saturday of every month in the same place and at the same time. It’s a good place to meet the most enthusiastic Linux and open source fans in Pune.)

The meeting will discuss the following points:

1. Current status of Marathi localisation: How, why, where, what etc.
2. FUEL activities. How to take it further.
3. Marathi word collection for adding in dictionaries. Validation/verification of these words. (Shantanu Oak has a big repository that needs to be reviewed/verified/corrected and included in dictionaries)
4. Spell check and other related applications/tools
5. Generating new words for various technical English words.
5. Usage of unicode by various categories of users- especially the DTP, book publications community.
6. Pushing Unicode from the Government to the users.
7. etc. etc. etc.  add here…. etc etc etc.

This is not just an “open source” or “Linux” activity. This is for those interested in seeing good Marathi translations of software and is generic to all the computing systems. Please inform other like minded people and groups so that we have enough people at the meeting to give a boost to Marathi l10n activities.

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IndLinux: 2-day meet for developers of Indian versions of Linux – May 16, 17

Image by fox2mike via Flickr

What: A 2-day workshop intended for all teams working on localization, documentation and development of Indian versions of Linux
When: 16, 17 May, 10am to 6pm
Where: Red Hat Pune, 6th Floor, East Wing Marisoft-III, Marigold Premises, Kalyaninagar, Pune
Registration and Fees: No idea. But, in keeping with the “free” and “open source” philosophy of linux, I would be surprised if the event isn’t free and open for all to attend
Link: click

A meeting of the various teams associated with IndLinux will be held at the offices of Red Hat Inc., Pune. Broad objectives of the meeting are to have all teams touch base with one another, and work together to chalk out a roadmap for work over the next year. There will be three tracks over the two days of the meeting, with two of these always running in parallel: (a) Localisation track, (b) Documentation track, and (c) Code development track. Specific objectives, and where possible, immediate deliverables for the various components of each track will be set before the meeting.


Day I: 16th May, 2009

Localisation track

Development track


Introduction, general queries and concerns


Bengali: Runa Bhattacharjee


Locales, and related work: Rahul Bhalerao, Pravin Satpute, Parag Nemade


Chhatishgarhi: Ravishankar


Gujarati: Kartik, Shweta Kothari




FUEL project: Rajesh Ranjan


OCR: Tesseract Debayan


Assamese: Amitakhya Phukan


Hindi: Rajesh Ranjan, Ravishankar, Karunakar, Ravikant


Kannada: Shankar Prasad


Maithili: Sangeeta Kumari, Rajesh Ranjan


Malayalam: Santhosh Thottingal


OCR: Simple approach: Gora, Shantanu, Nandeep

Day II: 17th May, 2009

Localisation/documentation track

Development track


Marathi: Sandeep Shedmake



(a) Finish phonetic rules for aspell: Gora

(b) Phonetic rules for Hunspell: Santhosh

(c) Stardict dictionaries: Karunakar


Oriya: Manoj Giri


Punjabi: Jaswinder Singh


Translation quality assurance: Runa Bhattacharjee




Tamil: Sri Ramadoss M, I Felix


Font converters: Gora, Shantanu, Nandeep, including Hindi work from Google groups.


Telugu: Krishnababu


Round table on localisation: All


Other development work


Discussion on emphasising documentation

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Hibernate Search – Adding search to your Java apps: A deep dive, 21st April

Image via Wikipedia

What: A deep dive into Hibernate Search with JBoss/Hibernate Guru Emmanuel Bernard
When: Tuesday, 21st April, 4:30pm
Where: Red Hat Pune 6th Floor, East Wing Marisoft-III, Marigold Premises, Kalyani Nagar, Pune
Registration and Fees: This event is free for all to attend. No registration required

As we had reported last week, Emmanuel Bernard, JBoss and Hibernate guru, the founder and co-founder of all annotation related projects in Hibernate, is in Pune and the Pune JBoss Users Group has arranged two lectures by Emmanuel for the benefit of the Java community in Pune.

The first of these lectures is on Tuesday, 21st April, and the second is on Wednesday 22nd April. Details of the second talk will be covered in a separate post.

On Tuesday, Emmanuel will talk about Hibernate search

Abstract: Adding search “like Google” to your Java applications

How many times has a customer told you they want to search in their application “like Google“? How many times was the search engine in your application too slow? Hibernate Search brings full-text search
capabilities to a persistent domain model, providing Google-like search capabilities while avoiding the traditional cost and difficulties to set up such solutions.

In this session, you will learn what problems Hibernate Search can solve and you will follow the steps of adding it to a Hibernate based application. You will build your own application specific full-text search engine. We will also explore advance subjects such as clustering and the underlyings of phonetic approximation.

To connect with others in Pune interested in JBoss, Hibernate and relatives, join the Pune JBoss Users Group.

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Open-source Code Camp last weekend – A report

The Pune Linux Users Group (PLUG) had organized a code camp on Saturday, with the intention of getting a bunch of developers to get together and develop code, talk about code, answer each others’ coding questions on specific coding projects.

Aditya Godbole one of the PLUG members who attended, posted this overview of the event at the PLUG mailing list:

The following work was successfully done at the Code Camp –

  1. Abhijit Bhopatkar – Added some functionality to TeamGit. He was very excited about it and shot off a long mail to the list as soon as he finished it, so I’m not going to spend any more words on that. Refer to his earlier mail on the list.
  2. Guntapalli Karunakar – Started on something, but ended up spending most of the time in critical maintenance tasks of the Indlinux server!
  3. Ashish Bhujbal and Amit Karpe – Worked on an HCL prototype notebook. Tried to resolve some issues with the X display rotation and calibration of the touchscreen. Solved both issues. Were trying to finish solving a problem with hibernation before going into hibernation themselves.
  4. Aditya Godbole – Fixed 3 bugs in the lush-opencv package and added a utility function. One of the fix is already in the upstream cvs.

Of course, along with all this, we had a blast (which was the primary motive anyway).

Thanks to Manjusha for doing a bit of running around for organisation (in return for which we configured her ssh server 🙂 ). Thanks to Sudhanwa and Shantanoo for hanging around to give us company.

Abhijit Bhopatkar, whose work is mentioned in point #1 above, posted details of teamGit:

teamGit is a functional git gui written in qt, its ultimate aim is to add functionality
on top of git targeted at small closely nit teams.

After a succesfull codecamp session, I have tagged the repo with v0.0.8!!! You can now get the .deb from ubuntu intrepid ppa deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/bain-devslashzero/ubuntu. intrepid main
package name is teamgit.

The main project website is http://www.devslashzero.com/teamgit

There are many small changes and feature adds you can take a look at repo here: http://gitorious.org/projects/teamgit/repos/mainline

The major feature add however is addition on **Advanced** menu.

This menu is constructed on the fly parsing output of ‘git help –all’ Then when you click on a menu item it issues git help , parses the manpage and presents its options in a guified form. It even display nice tooltips describing the option.

This is just a first stage of the planned feature. Ultimately this advanced menu will be just a ‘Admin’ feature. People will be able to save the selected options and parameters as ‘Receipies’ and can cook a nice receipes package particular to their needs/organisations.

The feature is not really complete yet, but you can issue simple commands using it. There _are_bugs_ but i couldn’t wait to showcase this nifty feature.

Check out the screenshot http://www.devslashzero.com/images/teamgitscreenshots/screenshot-teamgit22nov.png

Photos of the event have been posted on flickr (thanks G Karunakar).

PLUG also holds monthly meetings on the first saturday of every month from 4pm to 6pm at SICSR. You can keep track of these and other tech events in Pune by following the PuneTech calendar, or by generally subscribing to the PuneTech feed.

Calling all open-source product development companies

Browne and Mohan, a global consulting firm is attempting a maiden research study on Open Source Product Development companies from India. So if you are aware of a company that develops some open source product (or offering open-source based productized offerings like SaaS) please get in touch with Browne and Mohan (ganapathy@browneandmohan.com or trmadanmohan@gmail.com). Please note, the report will be free to share and remix for all future studies and references. Also, this study is not supported by any vendors and all the costs are completely borne by Browne & Mohan only.

Sounds like a useful study, and the fact that the results will be made freely available (as in beer and as in speech) makes it a good effort to support. Also, a strong participation from Pune-based companies will benefit Pune’s visibility. So please participate, encourage others to participate, and forward this to your friends.

Additionally, we at PuneTech would love to feature such interesting companies and technologies on PuneTech – so get in touch with us too.

Here are more details of the Browne and Mohan study from TR Madan Mohan:

Open source products are a reflection of maturity of entrepreneurship and innovation in an economy. Understanding the status of open source product companies, their offerings, the challenges they are facing and how they are responding to the larger economic turmoil is important. Moreover, it is unfortunate the attention of media, researchers and analysts covering India is predominantly focussed on software services only. Little is known or published about the Open source products from India. Towards filling up this gap, Browne & Mohan, a global consulting firm is attempting a maiden research study on Open Source Product Development companies from India. The objective of the study is to highlight their product, the strategies adopted, growth options for these companies in international markets etc. Based on the extensive study, a report shall be released through a Creative Commons License. Hence, the report shall be free to share and remix for all future studies and references. Pl. note this study is not supported by any vendors and all the costs are completely borne by Browne & Mohan only. We expect the report and subsequent coverage benefit the Open Source Product Companies directly and the larger cause of innovation from India indirectly. A copy of the report shall also be sent to Punetech members.

We request Punetech members support and encouragement for this endeavor. ny company that has an open source product (those offering productised services such as SaaS) are the targeted audiences. Pl. forward the details of the companies you are aware of, including the email id’s of key contacts and help us speard the reach. Thank you for your support. Pl. forward the information to ganapathy@browneandmohan.com or mail to trmadanmohan@gmail.com

Thanking you in advance:

TR Madan Mohan

About Browne & Mohan

Browne & Mohan is a management consulting firm that employs integrated approaches to solve client issues. Browne existed as an independent consulting company till February 2008 registered in Toronto and keeping in with the growth of new partners it was rechristened as Browne & Mohan in March 2008. With offices in India, Dubai, USA, Canada and Singapore, we bring together multi-cultural expertise and best practices across countries, industries and verticals. With backgrounds in management, finance, KPO, legal, medicine, our consultants work in an environment which nurtures creative analysis and integrated approach to issues. Browne & Mohan team consists of thought leaders, industry experts and experiences professionals drawn from different industries. We pride in attracting entrepreneurial professionals who not only can “think out of a box”, but “walk the talk” driving the implementation. Indian arm of Browne & Mohan consists of former academic who had taught at prestigious Indian Institute of Management, consulting professionals, investment banking professionals, and heads of analytical research of large multinational companies. for more details see, http://www.browneandmohan.com.

Pune GNU/Linux Users Group meeting – Nov 8

What: Pune Linux Users Group (PLUG) monthly meeting

When: Saturday, 8th November. 4pm to 6pm.

Where: Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research (SICSR), 7th floor, Atur Center, Model Colony, Pune, India (Map)

Registration and Fees: The event is free for all. No registration required.


The PLUG meeting is open to all, there are no charges or pre-requisites to attend the meeting. If you are intrested in FOSS (Free/Open Source Software) you are welcome to the meeting. If you want to give a talk or a demo, you are welcome.

This meeting happens on the first Saturday of every month, at the same place and time (but was delayed by a week this month because of Diwali). Usually, a PuneJava talk organized by IndicThreads also happens immediately after the PLUG meeting, but is not happening probably because of the big upcoming Java conference around the end of November organized by the same people.

As usual, keep checking the PuneTech calendar for interesting tech events in Pune.

Code Camp – A hackfest organized by PLUG

What: A two-day hackathon, with (possibly) a focus on developing open-source and/or linux software
When: From 22 November 9am to 23 November 10am (overnight!)
Venue: Bhaskaracharya Prathishthan
Registration and Fees: This event is free and open to all. No registration required


Code Camp is a 24-hour hackfest organized by the Pune Linux Users Group (PLUG). The idea is for a bunch of developers to get together and develop code, talk about code, answer each others’ coding questions on specific coding projects.

Code Camp is a new type of community event where developers learn from fellow developers. All are welcome to attend and speak. Code Camps have been wildly successful, and this one is  going to bring that success to Pune.

The Code Camp Manifesto consists of six points:

  • by and for the developer community
  • always free
  • community developed material
  • no fluff – only code
  • community ownership
  • never occur during working hours
Here are more details about Code Camp Pune in the words of one of the organizers:
Over the past 2 weeks a few of us have been working in the background to get things moving for the code camp. Initially we had decided to restrict the number of problem statements to 2. However we felt that by doing so we might end up keeping away quite a few potential participants. Hence we have decided to allow any number of problem statements to be tackled, as long as it is a serious effort.

There also seems to be a misconception that this is some sort of an ‘event’ that is being ‘managed’ by ‘PLUG’. Quite like the misconception the the ‘Government’ is responsible for running the ‘country’. This is not going to be an event where a few people will swoop down from different places and give you some gyan. This is an event where you, in your individual capacity, have to make things happen. This event is for you to get together with a few like-minded and come up with something constructive. The ‘organisers’ will just provide a few facilities and try their best to keep things from getting in the way of your main task. Things like creating a wiki to enable you to discuss. The wiki is at http://www.plug.org.in/wiki. You can follow the ‘Code camp’ link and see whether you find anything interesting. If you don’t find anything interesting, but have something interesting to propose to others, and have the drive to take it to the end, then you can add it to the wiki.

So, here are a few facts:

  • The Venue is confirmed: Bhaskaracharya Prathishthan
  • Dates: 22nd November 0900 hrs to 23rd November 1000 hrs.
  • Provision for overnight stay for at least 12 people has been confirmed (if you wish to hack away through the night)

Also, its improbable that you think of something a couple of days prior to the event and successfully finish it on the day. Generally a lot of groundwork is needed to even freeze on a good problem definition. I would suggest that anyone who is interested should start now. Start discussing on the wiki, start exploring, and start coding now. The idea is that on 23rd November we have something substantial, usable and useful to show. i wonder whether the ‘community’ is capable of doing that.